Eco Friendly Ideas (and a Giveaway!)

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I’ve been having so much fun on Pinterest lately!

One of my latest boards is all about loving the earth… I’ve got some absolutely gorgeous images and healthy earthingâ„¢ ideas waiting on there for you.



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And speaking of eco-friendly…


I have four lovely all natural, reusable, eco-friendly canvas totes left… they feature my original artwork printed onto unbleached natural canvas.

As I’ve fully switched over to my Intuition Physician shop and discontinued my Heartsong Art shop (these still have my old Heartsong Fine Art logo on them!) I’d like to gift the rest away to you, dear reader.


I want you to know I’m so happy you are here.

I want to give you a thank you for reading my words.


If you’d like me to ship you out a tote, totally free, just leave me a comment below and I’ll pick four people at random to gift these to.

Yes, you definitely should tell your friends to leave me a comment too — it’s as simple as clicking the facebook and twitter icons below — if you think they’d like a reusable canvas tote with my artwork on the cover!

love, love, love, love, love, Laura



PS — Want another idea on supporting nature during this cold January month?

How about this eco-friendly way to gift food to wildlife?


Recently my kids set out some food for the deer and birds and squirrels and such that share our backyard with us.

Easy and fun, this only takes a few minutes and is exciting to see disappear over the following few days.


All we did was drill some holes down the middle of a bunch of apples and thread them onto wire (making a loop at the end of the wire so they wouldn’t fall off.)

Once hanging on the wire it was super simple to hang from a tree by twisting the end around a branch!


Another thing we did was save up our toilet paper rolls that we’d normally recycle or use as fire starters, and spread them with peanut butter.

Rolling them in bird seed, all that’s left is to slip it onto a branch outside and grab some seats to watch it disappear.

Enjoy these projects this week and I’ll see you here next week, when we will have officially made it into February!