Eco Friendly, Recycled, Fabulously Glitterized Banner tutorial

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My house needed a little glitter to get 2012 started off on a fabulous foot. And I mean, who couldn’t use a little more glitter in their life? How can you really go wrong with something so superfluous and happy, I ask you????

I created this banner with my daughter, and it was really fun. It’s perfect for all ages, a great project to do with the kids or on your own! My daughter and I chose to create a banner that reads: “Seek Magic” for a fun reason.

My daughter’s initials are “CEK” = Seek

My son’s initials are “MJK” = Magic

We love that our kids initials are CEK MJK… or Seek Magic! So we wanted to put this up in our house in some way.
And what better way to say what you want to say around your home then in a free, recycled, eco-friendly kind of way?

All you need is:

– boxes from your recycling bin, like cereal boxes

– glue

– glitter, or maybe left-over confetti from your New Year’s celebrating?

– ribbon or string to hang the banner on



1) Collect your recycled cardboard and open the boxes up flat.




2) You can cut any sized rectangles out that you like… I measured rectangles that were approximately 4 1/2 inches high by 3 1/2 inches wide. You’ll just need one per letter, so we cut out 9!




3) Freehand draw on the letters, making them nice and thick. Don’t worry about making them perfect, no matter what you create it will look amazing, your own unique font!





4) Cut out with scissors!




5) Coat the front of each letter with glue. Here, my daughter uses an old magazine from our recycling bin to protect the work surface, and brushes on glue with a paintbrush, but you can apply the glue however you like!





6) Add glitter/confetti in your choice of color fabulousness!




7) Let dry for a hour. Our letter curled up as they dried on letters cut from some of the thinner cardboard boxes, but then flattened out on their own as the reached full dryness.




8) Use a hole punch to punch holes out at the top of each letter (we made two so that the letters would hand straight) to hang the letters from… or alternatively you could simply staple the letters to your ribbon or even use a hot glue gun to glue them on.





9) Hang up and enjoy!!!! xoxo