Family hiking trip

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My daughter immediately rolled down the windows and soaked in the cool air, the first second we entered the mountains.

My son loved the solitude of the woods, and was a master at following the markers and trail blazing the way.

I promised I’d share some pictures from our recent family trip up to the NC mountains. We had one of our best trips ever. Something about the cool fresh air was so delightful, it was actually hard to come home. And that is one of the first times I’ve every really felt that way, because I am naturally a homebody, and usually there is nowhere I’d rather be then in my own house. I just love being home. It is my nest.

This trip, though… this trip was so special. It was cold enough to wear pants and long sleeves and even a light jacket… beautiful enough to spend hours hiking the surrounding mountains… and fun enough to want to stay much longer then the long weekend we had.

My daughter carried the map, estimating our progress on the trail and making sure we turned the right way!

Miles, taking a moment to look out over Hampton Lake.

Neat sights along the trail to the top… bark, moss, and even a fur-filled scat! We are thinking it might be bear scat… it was huge! This last picture is of us at the very top of rock mountain, over 4,600 ft. in the sky!

My parents are so much fun to hang around… we played games and watched movies and hiked for hours and went to lots of different restaurants. Lots.

Thank you so much to Grammy and Grampy for meeting us and spending the weekend with us. We appreciate every minute of it and can’t wait to see you again… wish it was sooner! xoxo