How I Felt My Way Through A Crisis

You CAN feel better!

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This blog post is a long one.

An intimate one.

One where I share exactly how I found my way towards Well Being and how YOU CAN TOO.


The blog post was inspired by a video I shared on my FB page that got a hugely positive response.

Healing isn’t something that most people talk about.

Most people talk about disease, treatments, techniques, supplements, prescriptions, operations, adjustments, herbs… all things that counter balance and treat disease.

There are sooooo many options out there, and ALL OF THEM can lead you to a healing path — all of them — so how do you know which one to choose?

How do you know *HOW* to heal?


Sometimes surgery is the right choice.

Certainly the world is full of people who are alive and owe their recovery to a surgical, life saving intervention.


Sometimes a prescription is the right choice.

Certainly there are millions of people who depend on insulin or IV antibiotics or anti-seizure medications that have helped them live a much longer lifespan.


Sometimes a chiropractic adjustment is the right choice.

I have a dear friend who credits chiropractic care to her regaining mobility and function in her spine.
Sometimes energy medicine, reike, acupuncture, color therapy, meditation, exercise, yoga, etc… is the right choice.


We all know people who have had their entire lives reborn from finding the one modality that just works perfectly for them.


But here is the thing…

when faced with a health decision…

going into the unknown…

how do you know what modality to CHOOSE????

We have to start talking about HEALING… not just disease management.

How do you know which will be the path that makes all the difference in the world to heal you?

I’ll tell you.


Better yet, I’ll show you with a personal example.


Because if there are so many options, and you google them and get overwhelmed, or find that one could just as easily kill you as heal you…

…how do you know what to choose?




Feeling Your Way To Health


Click on this free poster to print it out and remind yourself of this important healing truth!
Click on this free poster to print it out and remind yourself of this important healing truth!


We know our souls are healthy — there is nothing we can do to mess that up or change it.

Our souls stand in well being.


No matter what is going on with our body…

our soul stands in well being.


When our body deviates from this union in well being, it is deviating from our soul truth.


So we can *feel* this dichotomy, that our body and our soul are not in perfect alignment with well being, and we can use this to *FEEL* our way back into Well Being.


That’s why there is no one way!

There is no one diet.

There is no one solution or Rx.

There is no one therapy.


  • You can eat something perfectly healthy and innocent like a blueberry, and for one person this is anti-cancer and the best thing in the world to eat, and for another with an underlying food sensitivity to blueberries, this is going to be inflammatory to their body.
  • One person can feel sick from EMF exposure and another can waltz through NYC’s Times Square like it is an oasis!
  • Some folks can align with probiotics to treat anxiety, and some align better with acupuncture and some align better with a Rx strength anxiolytic.

And no one is wrong!

There is only aligning with health.

That’s it.

There isn’t any one way to do it.

It’s just asking:


“Is this taking me one step closer to Well being,

or is it not?”


So you need to feel your way there.

“Am I stepping closer, am I not?”


You bounce everything off of how it makes you feel… relief is a great direction.


During A Health Crisis


Sometimes in life you get these health crisis — or really ANY crisis — and it completely shatters your world.

And you don’t know WHAT way to step.


It’s not as simple as finding what feels better…

…you are just trying to survive, and pull your life together and make it through the next minute.

Have you ever had a moment like that?

Where you were told a diagnosis or given a result from a lab test and suddenly NOTHING was what you thought it was?


An Example


I had a moment like that, it wasn’t about health but it was very similar to what I’ve witnessed in working with patients and throughout my medical training…

I offer it as simply a concrete example of how you can stand in the dark and reach out to the light to help you in decision making.


I feel joy at sharing a small portion of this experience with you here simply as a way to be authentic and hopefully… ultimately… to support you.

This experience doesn’t define me.

I am so grateful it happened.


This situation is mild compared to so many other situations that people face, and I know that…

…but since this is *my* journey it’s the only one *I* can share.


And I feel exceptionally fortunate to have experienced it.

Feeling my way back to Well Being is something that made me a better mother, woman, physician, intuitive and healer than ever before.

This is how healing works — once you find your way back into re-alignment, you are stronger, better, wiser, more open and more centered than ever before.


Healing makes you stronger.

Healing moments come disguised as unwanted events.

Ultimately they become the best parts of you.


My healing moment came in the form of a letter.


I was happily married to a man who left me love letters every single morning for 14 years straight on our kitchen table.

One morning I went downstairs to make breakfast for our two incredible children, and I joyfully went over to read that morning’s letter.

This letter informed me that he had left me for someone else and that he was never coming back.

And it’s the same as every person who has been handed a diagnosis they weren’t expecting or faced a health crisis or the loss of a loved one… it was a shattering of the current moment.


In that one moment, I no longer knew who I was or where I was or what I was supposed to do next… it was a complete absence of anything that made sense to me at all.


And what you do to heal from a trauma or a health crisis or a huge life transition is:


you feel your way to re-aligning with your soul.

My soul was just fine.

My soul is fine whether I have a husband or not, a house or not, even a body or not.

But my physical world just got a momentary sucker punch that knocked the breath out of me.



How To Heal

When you are plunged into the unknown, and your current reality has fallen away…

…you can find your way back to an even better, more healed, more whole reality than had ever stood in it’s place before.

Truly, you CAN and will.



1. First, you stop and witness and absorb the new reality.

You stand there in the darkness… and you reach out a hand into that darkness and you find ONE THING that feels aligned with your soul and *feels* right.

***My first thing was that I remembered I was a mother.***




And I remembered I had two hungry children who needed to be fed breakfast and who didn’t know about this letter.

And I felt the truth of that knowing and the conviction and the love and the devotion I had for my children and I KNEW that’s where the Well Being of my soul was standing.

I took 10 minutes to realign the total darkness into a ray of light that pulled me back into being an effective and loving mother and I followed that.

That *knowing* gave me strength.


I made a simple breakfast and I put it on a tray and I walked over to my kids and my alignment with my soul’s well being gave me strength to tell them, as gently as possible, that their father would not be coming home at dinner time.



2. Step 2 is simply: you do it again.


That’s it… that’s the only step: reach around in the dark, find a shard of your own soul, use it as an anchor to pull you back into alignment with what you know is true — your soul stands in Well Being.


I felt around again into the remaining darkness to find another aspect that my soul was aligned with, and I remembered I was part of a bigger family.

And I called my mother and got strength from her voice and my father immediately flew in to be in the house with us.


So again: I felt around in the dark for an aspect of light that realigned me with my *soul knowing* of Well Being and I followed that… this second time I found part of my soul align by connecting to my parents.

3. And you do this again and again and again:

reaching into the darkness for a sliver of alignment

and bringing that alignment into reality.


  • I felt around in the dark to find the light of the perfect lawyer for me to facilitate the divorce process.
  • And to find a very very kind bank manager who helped me open my first separate bank account in 15 years.
  • And I found a neighbor who brought light into my life.
  • And many many friends who went above and beyond to bring light to my children.
  • And an amazing realtor who helped me quickly sell my land and home.
  • And my beautiful fulfilling career bloomed more deeply than ever before.

And eventually, I felt my way through re-aligning my physical reality up with where my soul stood in Well Being.

Healing the body is the same way.

Working with thousands of people all over the world and helping to align their physical body back to the well being of their soul, I can tell you this:

Healing the body is the same work as healing the soul.


Illness, trauma, disease, suffering in any form… the path out is always the same.

A diagnosis shatters your conception of

what you thought your body was doing.

It changes your confidence in the future

and re-organizes what you thought was important.

You *feel* your way around to the path that restores your soul alignment… that is where the healing lies.

You survive a threat to your health or your future or your journey by becoming ADAPTABLE to the new physical circumstance around you and working your way step by step back to well being.

You must *feel* your souls unique energy to re-align with the new adaptation.

Charles Darwin said that the species that survives isn’t the strongest species, and it isn’t the most intelligent species… it’s the most adaptable one.

The adaptable one survives.


The one that responds to the new reality of their life

and can realign with well being


So you simply must *feel* where your new health lies.



Body And Soul Alignment Is What Gives You HEALTH


There is no “one size fits all” solution.

As much as any health care practitioner or energy worker or physician or therapist wants to support you and offers you solutions, it’s up to you to choose the solution that feels right to YOU.

That’s why there are a million success stories and a million failures to any one modality.


It’s not really up to the modality… it’s up to you and your soul energy and how your soul energy aligns with that particular solution.


Nobody knows how it feels to align with a particular path other than YOU.


  • If you missed my recent video talking about how YOU are ALWAYS the ultimate healer… you can watch that here.
  • If you want me to personally help you feel around for your particular soul alignment, you can work with me directly through my next Health Flow Unleash online class here.
  • If you want to speak privately with me, you can do so here.

No matter how you find your way towards re-alignment, you absolutely CAN DO IT.


Do not give up.

Do not stop feeling your way there.

Do not stop feelings in any way.

Feelings are your guidepost.


Sending love to you and yours… xoxoxo, Laura


Heal All Year

PS — I just created a new calendar for 2015 called the

Heal All Year Calendar.

I love it. I hope you do too. Find it here.