Know In Less Than 1 Minute If You Go Barefoot Enough

You CAN feel better!

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Are your feet trapped in unhealthy shoes?


You’ll know in just a minute.

Go ahead and kick off your shoes (yes, right at your desk!) grab a piece of paper and a pen and watch this super quick video.

I created this video many years ago but I’m sharing it again here today because my column in MaryJane’s Farm was all about foot health, and I wanted to share this video resource with those readers as well.

(If you haven’t heard of MaryJane’s Farm, it’s only the world’s best magazine! I highly recommend you check it out! Not only have I had a routine holistic health column in there for many years running, but each month is chock full of the most amazing holistic lifestyle fun!!!)


Most of us don’t have a choice.

Between work, school, shops, restaurants, and most public places, this sign is what you will see every day all day:



But even though as a society we insist on wearing shoes at all times, eventually this takes a toll on your entire body and the amount of energy you feel each day.

You can’t trick Mother Nature.

Your feet will tell you very clearly when they have not had enough barefoot time.

Corns, bunions, aches, pains, ingrown toenails, you name it… our feet need to have time walking around in freedom.

Foot alignment affects your knee joints, hip joints, lower back, upper back, gait… your entire body.

If you would like to test your feet to see if you have given them enough time barefoot to keep the rest of your body happily aligned, watch this quick video to see how! All you need is one sheet of paper and two markers or pens.

In just a few seconds you’ll know if your shoes are healthy for your feet and if you are getting enough barefoot time, plus a bonus tip for realigning your smooshed tootsies.





(Newsletter readers can hop over here to view this video on YouTube.)



I benefit so much from these toe spacing socks that I carry them right here so that you can grab a pair too.



One more tip… there is a more streamlined version of these socks that allow you to wear them even with shoes on!

Most of us have to wear shoes at work, or while running errand, or at the gym, or even just for warmth… but you can still simply and easily naturally ground outside in an instant, without taking off your socks, by wearing toe open socks.

If you have open toe socks on, you will never lose a single opportunity to naturally ground directly to the earth when you are able, even if all you have is a 5 minute break at work. No hassle of taking socks off, no hassle of finding a place to sit down to get your socks back on, just slip your shoe off and your toes are already exposed and ready to ground you in a millisecond!



Yes, even one split second of grounding is enough to make a measurable change in your body’s physiology.

An instant health boost.

So slipping your toes out of your shoes (while leaving your cute socks right on!) to rest your feet on the sidewalk or a blade of grass outside during your lunch break… that’s the best midday pick me up there is!

The skin contact with the earth grounds you from head to toe, while making sure your feet stay warm and ready to slip right back into your shoes!

And if you want to be grounded even indoors at work/school/office/studio/even home? You can do it very discretely if you have open toed socks on.

Just slip your foot out under your desk and rest it right on this tiny little grounding tote… you’ll be powerfully grounded in an instant for as long as you want to be, but then ready to slip your shoes right back on when you need to head out (or when your boss walks by, lol!)

Toe Alignment socks come in 2 different colors.

Open toed socks come in 5 different colors.

Enjoy healing my friends!

xoxox, Laura