Gardening Week… Awesome Reader Idea #1

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I love my readers! You all are the absolute BEST.

I have gotten such amazing garden photos from my readers (keep ’em coming, you know I love love love to hear from you! Email me directly at any time!)

I want to share two amazing ideas from readers with you.

This week is going to be all about gardening. Today, Diane shares with us a fabbo way to collect free water for you to water your garden, potted plants, container garden crops, indoor houseplants and such… rain chains!


Diane captures the action of one of her rain chains during a recent rain…


She writes:

“This morning during the downpour I took a picture of one of the three we have here at the house. A friend went to visit her daughter in Seattle and apparently because of the tremendous amounts of rain they have there, this is a popular item, and not just for catching rain water (which is one of if our reasons.) They also put chimes at the bottom so when the water passes through the chimes sound.

While we sat having tea on the front porch and watching the rain chain we collected enough water to water all the plants on the front porch that are under the overhang. I would say we collected 15-20 gallons of water in a few minutes.”

Holy Moly! That’s a lot of water in just a few minutes! I love these so much more than the standard rain barrel approach to collecting water, and they seem easy enough to install. Certainly a rain chain or two on the back side of the house… especially ones with chimes!… would add so much in the way of enjoying a nice morning rain shower or an evening storm. It seems like a natural fit for all of the spring rains we get around here… perfect timing to help with watering my seedlings. I’ll show you all a picture of my seedlings and garden are doing this Friday!

I loved this idea so much I asked Diane to share a little more info with us. She said:

“You can replace your downspout with the chain and collect the water for plants that are on a porch or under the eaves of the house. My friend brought one back from Seattle for me, we hung it up and voila! A new way to appreciate rain!

After we got the first one- behold- Tuesday Morning had them in their ad one Sunday, so we bought 2 more. They come in many styles – just a plain chain, or inverted bells or tulips… some have wind chimes on them so the rain can make music as well.


Beautiful yard Diane! And the rain chain looks straight forward enough to install… I love how you have this chain emptying into such a large container for the rain to collect in. Some rain chains I’ve seen have a shallow pan connected to the end, but this is an even better idea, to have the chain drain into a nice sized bucket! Awesome! Thank you so much for sharing your pictures and your watering tip…

Googling ‘rain chains’ will yield some expensive items- Tuesday Morning sold them for $24.99. It appears though from the pictures on the site that you could make your own – we are only limited by our own imagination! has a video.


Watching the video on that link was completely mesmerizing. Thank you so much Diane, for the great idea on how to collect and reuse natural rainwater for the garden. Beautiful.

On Wed I have another fabbo reader idea for your garden, and then on Friday I’m going to share my garden pics and have a tutorial for ya! Thank you to all my amazing readers (that means you too!) and for all the great ideas and inspiration I have gotten from you guys. xoxo