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Want to know exactly how to prepare your body to receive intuition?

In this 8 minute video I’m going to share with you:

– how to use your body as a receptor to receive intuitive information

– the one thing that most people do wrong when trying to receive intuitive information

– a tool you can use tonight to get your very first intuition, or to expand the intuitive gifts you already have!

– what to do with the intuitive information you receive

– and what to do if you get no information at all!





In almost all the work I do with patients, helping them expand their intuition comes into play.

In fact, right now I find myself helping more than HALF of my patients expand their intuition not just for the health benefits, but for transforming their current career into a new soul career… one that uses their soul strengths for their higher purpose.

Nothing feels better that supporting my patients as they expand their intuitive possibilities!!!


So — since I’m doing this work one-on-one with my patients anyway, I thought I’d organize my best tips into an online class to support more people into welcoming their own soul gifts!


For 4 weeks (from Feb 16, 2015 to Mar 13, 2015) I will be personally sharing with you how I left my own painfully conventional world…

(it can’t get much more conventional than 23 years of boxed-in traditional education and the conventional world of western medicine!)

…and how I dropped out of the constricting world around me to open up to a whole new level of divine inspiration — intuitive guidance!


My Expand Your Intuition Live Class includes:

  • self assessment tools
  • fun intuition expanding exercises
  • uplifting emails
  • live weekly phone calls
  • AND a one-on-one private phone consultation directly with me — so that I can give you my undivided attention and support for any questions that have come up along the way!

I can’t wait to begin! Join me by clicking here now!!!

xoxo, Laura