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But I want to post this freely on my blog as well, so that I can help as many people as possible, even those who do not wish to be on my weekly newsletter list.

That’s because so much of health care is already restricted from the general public…

…so much secrecy in the medical community about how much power you really have in your own life to create the type of health that serves you best.


The type of health that serves you best isn’t feeling symptom free all the time, living as long as possible and then instantly dying one day after an illness-free life.

The type of health that serves you ultimately and deeply is the type where you live in your body and feel each symptom as it arises and honor it as sacred feedback, from the depths of your soul.


Your body gives you information that no one else on earth can give you, no matter how many degrees and certifications are after their name.


Your body is your own personal indicator on what is going on within…

…your body is constantly, incessantly, without fail offering you intuitive guidance on how to support your own growth.


All you need to do to find this guidance is to jump into the flow of this energy stream and allow it to carry you through the different phases of healing.

I will talk you through it.



Think of this as a 100% free, totally easy and fun and healing way of reconnecting to your own Well Being and re-igniting your health possibilities.

It’s your own free, private mini-health course, one on one with me!


Getting into the Healing Vortex is natural and feels good… if you know the steps and understand the cycle of healing.

Let me help.

Just click on the picture below to watch each of the five videos in order, and use this as a healing retreat as often as you need the reminder.


healing vortex


In fact, bookmark this page so that you can come back and find your place in the healing flow any time a health issue arises.

I’d love to reach as many people as possible and help them in any way I can.

This is one of those ways.

xoxo, Laura