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I have a fun product recommendation for you today… I love mixing intuition with *fun* and Guiding Signs 101 guidance cards do just that. I was contacted by Guiding Signs to review their card deck and when I got them in the mail I was so very impressed, it is my pleasure to tell you all about them today.

These intuitively based cards are so positive, sweet and uplifting that you would have fun doing these with your children, your spouse, on your own… even with your pet! The real gem of these cards is in the included Guiding Signs 101 Guidebook, which is where you look up the deeper meaning behind the card that you (or your child, or your spouse, or your pet…) has selected.

I was so impressed with how thoughtful and well written the card suggestions are… you can go as light or as deeply as you’d like to go with it.

If you want to leave room for your own intuitive interpretation, you can just read the little poem that accompanies each card to get a general feeling for what the card represents, then open to your own intuitions as you work it into your own personal context. For those that want a bit more directions, there is a “Deeper Meaning” section that gives you a full passage about each card, and what I love about them is that they are all extremely positive and full of gentle suggestions and analogies to help you really get to the deeper meaning in the card. Lastly, there is also a small list of question prompts that you can ask yourself about the card you have drawn, to give you some direction to the day or a thought point for reflection in your meditative times.


One of the things I loved most, beyond the thoughtfulness and sheer positivity of the guidebook, is how sturdy the cards are and the larger size. The quality of this card deck surpasses most that I’ve seen. The cards and large and simple, with bright graphics that immediately make me think this would be a super fun, powerful tool to share with children… so I highly recommend all the parents out there considering this as a wonderful parenting tool to help teach your little ones about intuition and how to have FUN and PLAY with how you would like to intend and create your day, or for problem solving, or for any way you can think of!

I love how the entire feel of the deck is positive and joyful… nothing in here that is negative or heavy in any way. I love the safe feeling these cards give to the user.

The author and creator of the card deck and guide book, Kathleen Plant McIntire, is the founder of MoonBear Sanctuary in norther California. She specializes in leading women’s retreats to sacred places all over the world and put her intention of transformation, empowerment, and healing into creating Guiding Signs 101. I thought it was also very interesting that the artist Erin Cote (of is a play and laughter therapist and brings Laughter Therapy to businesses and hospitals… she is definitely a “feel good” soul! I can feel this intention in the card deck very clearly.


Kathleen stopped by my blog to tell us a little more about how and why she created this tool:

“My very first inspiration for Guiding Signs came about 10 years ago while I was living in London and teaching a course on creativity, using the book The Artists Way as a backbone for the class. At one point we were working on intuition and synchronicity and I realized that most of the women in my course were corporate wives who didn’t really “get” these concepts. I asked what would be an easy and fun way to help people really understand intuition and synchronicity and I immediately received an answer, like a download from the universe. I was instantly shown how everyone knows road signs and what they mean. Just as the signs on the road guide our driving I could clearly see that they could help people in understanding the signs that continually show up in our lives. We just need to remember to pay attention and also to listen.

Using the Cards to Create the Cards: My first step in creating Guiding Signs 101 was to find a gifted and inspired artist who shared my vision to bring my idea to life. I created two cards that were merely a green circle (to symbolize yes) and a red circle (to symbolize no). I asked the cards about working with the first person who came into my consciousness; my friend Erin Cote. I got a Green light. Later I had the idea that I should instead work with a professional artist with a well-established reputation. Each prospective artist I asked about—no matter how many times I would ask—revealed a Red Light. And every time I checked back about working with Erin, it would be a Green Light. As you can see, from the very beginning, I valued and listened to the guidance from the cards.

Together, Erin and I knew that the cards were already created on another plane, and we were simply listening for guidance and direction. It was the future—where they already existed—that drew us toward them. Our job was not to “create” them. Our job was to open ourselves so we could be a portal for what wanted to come through. Our job was to listen with our heart’s ears. Yes, the ears of our heart! It is no accident that the word ear is in the word heart. We held a trust that the universe would deliver the perfect answers and direction to us.

Energy of joy, love and fun: The energy that has gone into the cards has been one of joy, love and fun. We allowed ourselves to be in a state of wonder, curiosity, and service to humanity. We discovered being in a playful state is a great way to access ultimate, free-flowing creativity. We set intentions to play while creating them as we knew that play naturally brings us to the creative right side of the brain. Erin lead us in silly playful exercises that would make us laugh. Or I would have us move energy through our bodies by being fierce and getting into our warrior selves. This would also get us grounded and connected to the present moment.

We discovered a greater part inside of us that knows far more than our mere minds! We realized how many things are created through striving and effort, often resulting in a negative energy running between the people doing the creating. It was important to us for the creation of every aspect of the cards to be done through love and joy and getting ourselves out of the way so we could listen with our innate intuition, with our hearts. We had such a beautiful connection to each other and to something far greater than ourselves in the creation of the Guiding Signs 101 cards. The feedback we are being given by many who are using the cards is that not only is it helping them tune in to their intuition and guidance, it is creating connection and intimacy through sharing the cards with a partner, children or friends. You can visit to learn more.”


Kathleen was generous enough to send me a card deck to look over and then use as a giveaway! That means one of you gets this lovely set for free! Just leave a comment below and I will select one comment by next Monday in a random drawing and mail it right out! Anyone can enter, so tell your friends! xoxo, Laura