Goddess Jewelery

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Do you love the full moon? Do you feel empowered by it? Do you feel at your feminine best under the strength of the full moon?

I created this Soul Connection necklace to adorn women… to remind them of their powerful inner strength.

I love being a woman and I love being connected to the moon. I know I have powerful creativity and powerful dreams when there is a full moon out.

The artwork featured in this necklace was created when I woke up from one such dream… I had a soul connection with a loved one and woke up *knowing* that our souls had really met that night… spending time together and reconnecting. I cherished that nighttime reunion we had.

I took a gorgeous citron colored gem, silver chain, a silver heart shaped toggle, green faceted beads, and combined them all with a beautiful silver frame that showcases my original artwork. I took a Giclee print of my “Nighttime Reunion” painting and sealed it in the silver frame with a professional grade resin that is waterproof. I also included the word “union” from a vintage 1922 dictionary and hung a silver moon from it as well.

The result is a one-of-a-kind soulful adornment that empowers you. Reminds you that there is so much more to our interconnection with others then just the words we say or the time we spend on earth together. There is the entire eternal nature of the bonds we make and the love we share.

Wear it and feel powerful. Wear it and feel eternal. Like you truly are.

I can see this necklace as an amazing gift for a young woman who has recently come of age and began menstruating.

I felt that this week, in the very middle of our menstruation series in Thoughts on Health, would be the perfect time to showcase this jewelery. Perfect for any girl who is beginning her journey into womanhood, to a fully grown adult woman who is feeling her inner power and celebrating her feminine strength for anew… wear this and be reminded of your beauty.

Ready for more? Need another reminder, in an entirely new color scheme? Enter my Goddess Necklace.

You are a goddess.

Yes, you!

This is a bold and beautiful necklace that sparkles and shines, just like you.

I’ve taken citron and red faceted beads, silver chain, and a heart toggle closure, and added several special, one-of-a-kind touches that bring the necklace up to an entirely new dimension.

Using a 1922 vintage dictionary, I framed the word “eternity” and hung a pewter goddess charm from it. Because as a goddess, you know that you are an eternal being, and you have a connection, right here and now, with *all-that-is*.

All you have to do is open your heart and reach for connection, and you have instant access to Source Energy. You are, in fact, Source Energy in physical form. Connected to the earth, you give body to spirit.

Taking my original artwork “Reaching for Guidance”, I sealed a Giclee print of it with a professional grade, waterproof resin into a silver frame.

It is a work of art preserved in a colorful and shining necklace… wear it and feel like the Goddess you are!

See you on Monday for our final installment on the menstruation series… where I interview my husband, Dr. Craig Koniver of Organic Medicine Now, on natural supplements to support our many moods and symptoms… ranging from PMS to menopause. Looking forward to it! xoxo