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Our hearts emit the strongest electromagnetic field of our entire body…

…thousands of times stronger than the electromagnetic field of our brains!


The human heart’s electromagnetic field is measured at about 100,000 times stronger electrically (and 5,000 times stronger magnetically) than the human brain.

This electomagnetic frequency that pulses out from your heart center is 100% matched and resonant with the Earth’s Heartbeat, the Schumann Frequency — and this is no coincidence.

In today’s video, I review the latest medical literature on exactly how connecting to the earth — and getting our heartbeat resonant with the earth’s heartbeat — supports our cardiovascular function.

From increasing our heart rate variability (the key to the health and resiliency of your heart function) to increasing circulatory perfusion of our capillaries to decreasing our risk of blood clots, heart attack and stroke, the earth is essential to keeping your cardiovascular system functioning well.

Just click on the video below and I will walk you through the science behind this healing support, give you multiple studies as well as my own experience as a physician using grounding with my patients, and a few tips on using the earth’s healing energy to keep your heart at peak performance.

Give me just 15 minutes and I’ll tell you exactly how to protect your heart’s function for a lifetime!





Click the links below to read several of the medical studies I reference in today’s video, and to see how blood viscosity changes after just 2 hours of grounding:

Grounding and Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

Grounding and Zeta Potential (on your red blood cells)



Bonus Info:

More holistic ideas to support your heart!



1. Exercise grounded!


Go on a long walk outside barefoot, do some yoga stretches at a park with bare hands on the earth, wear a grounding heel strap on your favorite shoes while going on a nice hike, even having sex on your grounded mattress panel

…indoors or outdoors, make sure to get physically active today *while* allowing a connection to the earth that supports your heart function and your muscular perfusion and your subsequent recovery!

See if you can feel the difference that exercising grounded makes in how it feels to exercise and in how quickly you recover from exertion when grounded!



2. See the earth’s heartbeat in the documentary The Grounded (for free right here!)


This fantastic film literally shows the heartbeat of the earth — for the first time ever — captured using a Faraday Cage with a Cymascope!


Watch the earth’s heartbeat in stunning, beautiful motion in film The Grounded!


3. Gratitude


Nothing strengthens our heart energy like focusing on gratitude.

I made a printable worksheet for you that will prompt you through 5 different gratitude mini-lists… I promise you, if you take the time to fill it out, your heart will be centered and in a vibration of sustained heart coherence, which is wonderful for reducing cardiovascular stress and getting into a state of pure, positive Well Being.

Just click the link right here to print it out and get started!



4. Chanting OM


As exemplified in this OM chanting video, you can use vibrational healing to support heart health. Chanting OM in yoga or meditation as a way to center on a healthy heart frequency supports a coherent electromagnetic heart field.

Try listening to this video for several moments while feeling your awareness in your chest, to see if you can find greater awareness of your own powerful heart energy!

See if you can make this a daily healing practice. If chanting isn’t your thing, you can still use sound healing without ever making a peep! Here’s how:



5. Sound healing with Tuning Forks.


Like a baby being held near the heartbeat of the mother that carried her, listening to and feeling the vibration that Mother Earth holds us in is a womb like, nurturing, deeply healing state.

Just as astronauts use a Schumann Resonance device to *play* the earth’s 7.83 Hz heartbeat as a grounding healing frequency to keep them feeling centered and calm in outer space, you can hold the earth’s resonance in your hand by striking a tuning fork and placing it directly on your body to soak in the healing vibration… or hold to your ears to soak in the healing sound.

These tuning forks are precisely calibrated to echo the Schumann Resonance of the earth, which emits a 7.83 Hz frequency.

This Otto tuning forks have been shown in medical studies specifically to support heart health… to facilitate the release of nitric oxide, a substance in our blood vessels known to relieve pain and promote relaxation and health as well as increase circulation.

Find out more about using tuning forks to heal by clicking here.


6. Decreasing sugar and gluten


Sugar (and to a lesser extent, gluten) are both pro-inflammatory and over time, this is what leads to the wounds in our circulatory system that attract plaque to build there.

In medicine we are starting to realize that it is not actually saturated fat but long term damage from the inflammation that sugar and gluten cause that wounds our blood vessels and make them start to accumulate brittle plaques and develop life threatening clots.

Decreasing our intake of sugar as well as minimizing our intake of gluten help to decrease the amount of inflammation in our cardiovascular system and ultimately decrease our future risk of heart attack and stroke.


7. Supplement with Omega 3 Fatty Acids


In medical school we learned that Omega 3s are essential (quoting my professor here:) “from womb to tomb.”

Meaning, everyone needs these fats to develop and function well, from a fetus growing inside their mother to the elderly, Omega 3 fatty acids are absolutely essential for proper function.

I can now say after almost 20 years of clinical practice that this statement is absolutely accurate and I’ve seen Omega 3 fatty acids help resolve everything from skin issues to autoimmune disorders to pain issues.

So for the last three weeks in a row that we’ve addressed grounding and it’s impact on the muscles, bones, brain, peripheral nerves and now the heart and circulation, I’ve mentioned Omega 3 fatty acids for whole body support and for good reason. These essential fatty acids are helpful across the board, for not only our musculoskeletal system and our brains but for our cardiovascular system too.


8. Supplement with Resveratrol


Resveratrol is so heart healthy, each capsule of this supplement has the heart protective benefits of 50 bottles of red wine, without the toxic side effects of drinking that much alcohol!


9. Supplement with CoQ10


The last in the triad of *musts* for cardiovasuclar support (fish oil, resveratrol and CoQ10 being the three top supplements for heart health!) CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant and is known for it’s anti-aging benefits both cardiovascularly and beyond!


10. Ensure you have lots of good minerals on board


Minerals are essential for proper cardiac function. Many of us are magnesium and potassium deficient. Mineral deficiencies can give rise ultimately to cardiac arrhythmias and worse.

To protect your mineral balance, I recommend using a mineral supplement like trace mineral drops on a daily basis.

Learn more about trace mineral drops and why they are absolutely essential for enhancing grounding in this video I made for you right here! (this is going to be a video featured in an upcoming blog post dedicated to the importance of minerals!)

Find all of my favorite, trusted supplements for heart health (resveratrol, coQ10, omega 3 fatty acids, mineral drops and more) right here in my online dispensary.

You really don’t want to buy your supplements from online shops that are not exclusively dedicated to supplements — there is no way that Amazon or Ebay has the proper storage facilities to maintain freshness and purity, and to assure pharmaceutical grade quality.

Supplements you are putting into your body have to be of the highest quality so that you are not doing more harm than good. Here is where I get all of the supplements I trust for my patients, my parents, myself, even my own children:



10. Sleep grounded


Like we talked about last week, sleeping grounded is really one of the best things you can do to protect your long term health from head to toe… and that includes the protective benefits of grounding your heart all night long.

Increase your heart rate variability, decrease the inflammation in your cardiovascular system, and decrease the toxic effect of stress on your heart by sleeping grounded.

The best way? Sleeping on these grounded mattress panels.



To a strong resilient heart and healthy blood pumping through your veins!!!


And please share this holistic info with anyone you know who has a family or personal history of heart disease…

xoxoxo, Laura