How Grounding Promotes Weight Loss… With Zero Effort

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Did you know that grounding affects your metabolism and weight?


Grounding has the ability to help you find your perfect weight and stabilize you there.


I know this because this is a subject I personally conducted my own research on… with my own patients. In today’s video, I’m going to walk you through exactly how my patients simply touched the earth for 15 minutes a day and lost up to 15 pounds in two months… without changing their diet or exercise at all!!!

This is my favorite topic in all of the wonderful health benefits we’ve talked about from grounding… because this is where we can really take a step back and see the bigger, broader, and more intuitive aspect of earth’s healing power.

No longer just looking at one organ or one tissue of the human body, we can see the interplay of the earth’s support and our entire body’s response, our entire metabolic function as a whole and how it changes and shifts when we connect to the planet.

The earth’s healing flow is able to meet our body’s needs very efficiently, triaging what matters need to be attended to first and foremost (like active inflammation and pain) and what matters can be addressed and supported secondarily for our long term health (like metabolic function and weight.)

Today, let me tell you all about the study I personally conducted on Grounding and give you a few fun assignments for you to reap your own benefits when it comes to stabilizing your own metabolism… just click on the video below:


Grounding and effortless weight loss:





The Most Important Thing To Know About Your Weight…

Here it is:


This is not something you are going to hear from your regular doc:

If you are overweight, you actually have LESS risk for dying then someone in the ideal weight category.

And if you are mildly obese, up to BMI of 35%, you have a death rate that is exactly the same as those in the “ideal weight” category.


This is based on a study looking at almost 3 million people and published in the most respected medical journal in the world, JAMA.


Straight from the medical literature to you: Excess Weight Does Not Increase Mortality.

In other words, if you are slightly overweight or even mildly obese, you are just as healthy as a person who falls into the “ideal weight” category.

It’s true!!!!!

Only severe obesity is associated with an increased risk for death… but lesser amounts of excess weight do not increase the risk and may even be protective, according to the results of a huge longitudial study published in the January 2, 2013, issue of JAMA.

This study was a meta-analysis of 97 different published studies that included more than 2.88 million participants.

In this study, grade 1 obesity was not associated with any higher mortality and overweight was actually associated with significantly lower all-cause mortality.





Here’s what this all means:


Compared to ideal weight individuals, overweight individuals had LOWER mortality rates than ideal weight participants, and those with Grade 1 obesity had no increased risk (having roughly identical death rates as the ideal weight participants.)

Only participants who had a BMI of 35 kg/m2 or higher had significantly higher mortality rates.

So… if the overweight patients actually had a lower death rate than “ideal weight” patients… should we strive to fall into the overweight category? Should you purposefully gain weight?

No… gaining weight past the normal weight range should not be a purposeful goal, you should let your own body select the best weight range for you. The one you fall into naturally. The one that your body seems to gravitate towards as you go about making the healthiest choices for you. How do you do get to your body’s ideal weight? By grounding daily.

• But it does mean you need to IMMEDIATELY drop the guilt if you feel like you should be losing those last 5 or 10 pounds.

• And it does mean that you should be thankful and grateful to your magnificent body right this very minute.

• And it does mean you should feel good about eating and good about nutrition and good about every inch of your precious soul-containing skin.


When you are in balance energetically by grounding, your body will physically choose the weight range that is ideal for you, so purposefully trying to gain weight into the overweight range doesn’t support your energetic health best, unless this range is your natural balance.

Researchers do acknowledge that “small excess amounts of adipose tissue may provide needed energy reserves during acute catabolic illnesses, have beneficial mechanical effects with some types of traumatic injuries, and convey other salutary effects that need to be investigated.”

The take home message here is that if you are told you are overweight, this does not mean you should be focusing on losing weight.

The real focus should ALWAYS BE on feeling as healthy and vibrant as possible.

This means focusing on muscle tone.

On heart strength.

On endurance.

On lung capacity.

On bone mass.

On energy levels.

On restorative sleep at night.

On happiness.

On quality time with loved ones.

On meaningful relationships.

On spiritual strength.

The only patients that should even be at all *thinking* about losing weight are patients with a Body Mass Index of over 35 kg/m2 or higher — those are folks significantly in the pink zone in the above chart.

And even if you are at 35 BMI or higher?

Focusing on energy levels, bone mass, restorative sleep and such will create a path of natural weight loss anyway.

So my recommendation is NO ONE should be focusing on weight… and now you have the science to back that up.





Feel better?


This is my entire goal and the reason I do what I do.

I want every single person who crosses my path to feel better after working with me then they did before! After all, this is what health and healing is all about – feeling better and better and better. So why would anyone make healing and health care negative and dismal??? Getting help and support from a health care practitioner should feel amazing — like a wonderful uplifting lifeline of support.

A sense of relief, a sense of life unfolding how it was meant to unfold, a sense of purpose… these are your divine rights as a human being and it is my mission to help give you validity to reach for this through your health, every single time.

For more important, awesome information regarding the fact that you can be healthy at any size, click right here to read and download the Association for Size Diversity and Health’s Fact Sheet.

This is a wonderful organization that is sure to help you expand your definition of what a healthy weight means!!!!

And if you want more support on uplifting, natural ways to lose weight, I’d love to have you in my next Weight Release & Reset online class. Hop over here for more information and to reserve your spot.


Today’s Grounding Idea: Ground While Eating!


Today, I’d like for your 20 minutes of grounding outside to be while you are eating one of your meals today.

Take your coffee and yogurt outside for an early morning way to start the day right!

Or take your lunch outside on your lunch break and eat sitting on a park bench or sidewalk step… barefoot.

Or… better yet, grab the entire family for a nice picnic dinner outside!

Drink a big glass of water before eating to be sure you are nice and hydrated (I typically have the routine to drink a big glass of water every time I enter my kitchen to make any type of meal or snack…) and then eat while grounded outdoors at some point today.

And take notice of how it feels to have your body directly supported energetically by the earth while you put food inside of it to nutritionally support your body as well.

Your digestive system will be calm, receptive to the nutrients you are consuming, and more effectively able to metabolically respond, with less inflammation and irritation throughout it all.


To feeling your absolute best at the weight that works for you!!!

xoxox, Laura


Bonus Info: Beyond grounding…

8 more ways to support healthy weight, naturally:


1. Hydrate fully


By the time you are thirsty, you are already volume depleted.

Try to make a habit of drinking often and fully — at least one glass of water immediately upon waking up, prior to all meals and snacks, an hour before bedtime, and any time you feel pain or fatigue.

No biological processes can function without hydration… support your body on a cellular level by a constant intake of filtered, fresh water.

Not only that but did you know that hydration status is *THE* single biggest factor in constipation?

If you are even the slightest bit constipated, you need to up your water intake — water intake is even more important than fiber for regular elimination. A constipated person is a dehydrated person!!!


2. Aloe Vera Juice


Aloe vera juice is incredibly soothing and healing to the gut lining.

Part of my approach to healing any leaky gut, inflammatory or autoimmune issues is to support digestion with consuming 4 oz of aloe vera juice daily, or taking aloe vera supplements if — like me — you can’t stand the taste of straight aloe juice.


3. Digestive Enzymes


A second part of healing the gut is to support full digestion of foods by taking digestive enzymes with every meal.

Digestive enzymes help the body break food down more easily and decrease any bloating, pain and irritable bowel symptoms after eating.


4. CoQ10


CoQ10 is a wonderful and powerful antioxidant that also aids in gut repair.

Find my favorite, tried and tested aloe vera supplements, digestive enzymes and coQ10 supplements that really truly work right here in my online dispensary, with an automatic discount waiting for you!


5. Decrease Sugar & Gluten


We’ve touched on this with the central nervous system (as gluten is a chronic neurotoxin) and with heart health (as sugar is extremely inflammatory to the body and sets the body up for cardiovascular disease) but today is even more pertinent to mention again because decreasing gluten and sugar is the closest thing to a *diet* I would ever recommend to a patient.

This is my standard advice when asked about weight loss from a patient: start grounding, hydrate fully, decrease gluten and sugar, and increase protein, healthy fats, fruits and veggies.

If sugar or carb cravings are keeping you from decreasing your sugar and gluten intake, try L-glutamine supplements.

They help decrease cravings for simple carbs and are often just enough to help get you to your goals.


6. Eliminate Regularly


Did you know that although using a toilet is a wonderful advancement in sanitation, it puts our colon at the wrong angle for having a bowel movement?

If you have difficulty having regular bowel movements, using a Squatty Potty (on top of hydrating more than ever!) can transform your life.

Find out more about the squatty potty and other ways to naturally correct constipation in an article I wrote for you here:

10 Natural Ways To Get Constipation Relief


7. Deep Restorative Sleep


As I blog about here, sleep dramatically impacts your weight by altering your metabolism.

Did you know that if you don’t sleep well you gain weight 9 times faster?? Egads!!!

There is absolutely no healthy way to lose weight if you are sleep deprived… yet another reason to sleep grounded!


8. Walking Daily


AsI blog about here, simply walking every single day is one of the best things you can do to prolong your life (and give your metabolism a boost!)

If you can just to get up and move with a gentle walk to start or end each and every day, your body, mind and outlook will be totally transformed. Some physicians are even recommending getting a dog you have to walk each day as a health solution, since daily walking has been shown to have every bit as powerful cancer recovery results as most of the chemotherapies we have on the market today!

Read more about that in an article I wrote for you here:

Walking and Cancer Recovery: A Crucial Connection