How To Get Grounding Tools Into The Hands Of Those Who Need It Most

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It’s so simple, it will only take 2 seconds of your time, and it might be a game changer for someone who really needs some extra support to make it through.



Every day I get asked for donations of grounding tools to help under-served, under-staffed, under-supported organizations that work in crisis support in communities all around our country and the world.

And as I know first hand, the comfort of connecting to the earth can truly be instrumental in getting through hard times. Grounding can be a game changer for someone who is in pain, someone who is scared, someone who is displaced from their home, someone who has been through a traumatic event, someone who is feeling hopeless.

I try to support as many people as I possibly can but I can’t do it all alone. There are orphanages, crisis centers, abuse and domestic violence shelters, rehabilitation houses, public health centers that are underserved and understaffed and rely on donations to survive… and I can’t possibly keep up with the requests, but I try.

I need help so I can help others even more.

So, I’ve decided that I am going to try to get a grant to help me in having grounding tools sewn and distributed to at-need populations. Grounding first aid kits, grounding blankets, and other grounding tools that can change and maybe even save the life of someone in crisis.


I’ve entered the Fed Ex Small Business Grant Competition to request funding for this goal,

and I need your support.





They are awarding 10 grants for small businesses to help them grow. I truly would love not just to grow, but to serve.



And did I tell you,

that today just happens to be my birthday?


I’m turning 45 and of course this mid-life milestone has me introspectively re-assessing exactly what I am doing with my time on this precious earth and if I am working from a soul centered, spiritual place.

Turning 45 has me wanting to be as proactive as possible about giving back and advocating for the health of this planet and all the people on it while I am still strong and healthy and able to do so.

To that end, I’m feverishly writing a book to help readers everywhere re-discover how to connect to this planet of ours, and I am applying for as many grants and scholarships as possible to further this mission: connect as many people as possible to our planet and we will all treat the earth better, and we will feel better as we do it.

There aren’t any other companies that offer organic, eco-friendly, hand sewn, USA made grounding tools. But I strongly feel that tools that connect us to this planet should not harm the very planet we are reaching out to… agreed?

So I use organic fabric, eco-friendly packaging, and sustainable business practices. Because of this my products cost more to make and take more time to have hand crafted. But it’s worth it. They last indefinitely. They are the kind of healing tools you can pass around to all of your loved ones and they still work when you get them back. They are kind to the environment. And I wish I could make more of them and hand them out to everyone.

So I’m starting with the folks who really need it the most — those in crisis. So my birthday wish?

Can you please vote for me to win this grant so I can use the funds to have enough emergency grounding supplies on hand, and an intern to help me package and distribute them to the most in-need organizations and centers that rely on donations to exist?

If you can please just click here and vote, even just once, that would be huge.

And if you can give me an even bigger gift, please send this link to your family members, post it on your facebook page, post it on your blog, and email it out to your friends.


Vote to support this mission right here.


You can vote once every day from now until April 1st… will you please?

That’s my birthday wish as I blow out my candles today.


Thank you, thank you and thank you!!!!!!

xoxoxox, Laura