Guest post… Organic Make Up (or, what I use for my oily eyelids, but that just doesn’t sound right…)

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Alison Price is stopping by my blog again today to tell us a little about why her make-up line is so awesome. She runs Organic, which features the certified organic product range Miessence.

I knew the products were awesome from the ingredient lists I’ve checked out… but I have to say, I’ve tried other mineral make ups and not fully enjoyed them. So I was a bit leary to try the loose powder, because I’ve had such bad experiences in the past with the powder settling into my expression lines and fine lines around my eyes… I usually wind up somehow looking older. But I have been looking for a powder that I can dust over my eyelids to prep my eyes for make up, on those times when I want to wear make up and want it to last. I have greasy eyelids (hows that for gross???) and within a few hours my eyeshadow and mascara usually have all disappeared or re-accumulated under my eye. It’s not pretty.

Alison sent me some loose powder and voila… just like that… I found a keeper. Fresh eyes that last. No settling into my fine lines.

I asked her why Miessence powder was so different, and her is what she said: “Our powder is superior to other mineral makeups because we use a whopping 25% zinc in that product and our zinc is not only non-nanoparticle, but its a larger particle size than most other brands, which is why ours sits well on top the skin (not settling in).”

I’m all for larger sized particles, and I loved that explanation.

She is here to highlight six products from her website that are all organic and beneficial. I can speak personally for the powder, and of course you know I love Miessence’s other products like their perfume and toothpaste. I have not tried all their other cosmetics yet, but here are some suggestions from Alison as to what products she loves most and why, and a few tips on how to use them:

Miessence Organically Gorgeous & 100% Beneficial Makeup

1. Perfects & Protects : After moisturizing your skin, a great way to get silky, breathable, even skin coverage and everyday natural sun protection is with Miessence Foundation Powders. With only 4 organic and mineral ingredients, the formulation is refreshingly pure and performs beautifully on the skin. The product boasts a whopping 25% zinc (the highest of any mineral makeup on the market), a gold standard natural sun block of UVA & UVB rays and skin protection. You will need somewhat heavy coverage (to the opaque level) not just a brief dusting in order to receive the sunscreen effect. Applying with a makeup sponge will give you that opaque coverage. Using the powder over a base of the Miessence Mineral Liquid Foundation will give the heaviest makeup coverage.

2. Problem Spots : When dark eye circles, blemishes, age spots or broken blood vessels need extra attention, we suggest our Miessence Concealers. Dot concealer on carefully and blend with your fingertips slightly past the edges of the problem area. Be careful not to rub in the concealer, you want it to sit on top of the skin for best coverage. Select the shade that best matches your skin for masking redness, blemishes, etc. Select a shade lighter than your skin tone for under eye circles and to brighten the eye area. Because the concealer also contains a high percentage of zinc, your delicate eye area will be protected from UVA & UVB damage with no irritation to the eye.

3. Glowing Skin : Using a blush brush, dust a Miessence Mineral blush or bronzer onto the apples of your cheeks, and upwards along your cheekbone. In the jar the colors appear intense, but on the skin is a beautiful, buildable color that is controlled through application. We love Apricot Dew on all skin tones.

4. Enhanced Eyes : Plant waxes and black iron oxide minerals deliver bigger, fuller and thicker lashes from the entirely lash friendly organic ingredients of Miessence Mascara in Pure Black. You can also dip an eyeliner brush into the tube and use the formulation as an eye liner as well.

5. Standout Lips : Apply Miessence Lip Cremes with a lip brush or your finger for soft, matte, gorgeous lip color that lasts and lasts. The organic jojoba seed oil moisturizes and organic vanilla brings a lovely smell and taste. Collect an array of shades and play away! Nutmeg is a great shade for those who want something more flesh toned, while Paprika is a flattering rusty red.




6. Set : To set the foundation & blush powders and create a dewy complexion, we finish with our Rose Monsoon Hydrating Mist. Saturated with water-soluble botanicals present in the petals, rosewater has many uses to cleanse the aura, calm the soul and rehydrate the complexion. Hold the bottle at arm’s length, spray a gentle mist around the face.

Thank you so much Alison! I appreciate you stopping by, as always. You can check out her full line of make up, body products, home care, and her perfume and toothpaste lines that I enjoy so much at