Hang In There. There Are Lots Of Solutions That Are Within Your Control.

You CAN feel better!

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Today I’m sending out just a quick newsletter letting you know that I am

working on a new Pandemic Solutions blog post that I will send out to you next week.


In it will be a list of so many different ideas on things you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones — and not the typical “wash your hands and stay indoors” advice you are already inundated with, but fresh uplifting ideas that you can do from the comfort of your own home to feel strong, centered and resilient.

With schools closing and social functions being curtailed, I know we are likely to be home more than usual and also discouraged and possibly even bored. So I am pulling together a list that you can come back to again and again of things you can do, right from your own home, to boost not only your immunity and resiliency but also your mood!!!

Maintaining an optimistic, long term view on short term stresses is vitally important. Nothing (and I mean nothing!) lasts forever, and pandemics are included in this.

Everything has a trajectory and an end date and we can get through this too.





So in that vein, not only am I pulling together a blog post full of actionable things you can do right this very minute to boost your wellness, but I am also writing a two week long “Stuck At Home” online course that will run at the end of March, to help keep you entertained, optimistic, and inspirited to protect your health even if we are staying at a healthy “social distance” for a prolonged period of time.

I’ll give a link to sign up for that class in next week’s blog post, so watch your inbox for my next newsletter and sign up for my newsletter on my homepage here (just add your email to my opt in box) if you got this email forwarded from a friend (and please continue to pass this email along! The more people staying active and engaged in their healing, the better for all of us!)





Lastly I am also creating a two week “Earth Day Relief” online class in April that will specifically focus on the healing properties of grounding and how you can incorporate grounding into your healing plan (both indoors and outside) right from the comfort of your own home to stay proactive about your health and have something new, fun, fresh and entertaining to read, enjoy and do every single day… even if you are staying home all of March and April and beyond.

Taken back-to-back, these two online classes will allow you to have a daily uplifting email directly from me into your inbox for an entire month straight!

And if you are still stuck at home after that month? Do them all over again and again until this pandemic is passed.

And it will pass.

And I will be there right alongside of you just like I was beforehand, just like I will be during, and just like we will be together, afterwards.




To the innate health and the strong inner fortitude we all have to make it through hard times…

xoxoxox, Laura


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