Happy Labor Day!

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I have one of the most amazing friends in the world, Barbara Rivera… creator and innovator of Birth Power. I think she is brilliant. She has so much passion for birthing… and she wants every girl in the world today to grow up with positive birthing images… positive birth stories… infused with the knowledge that giving birth is natural, glorious, and wonderful.


Ever since birth has been made into a clinically sterile and even negative event by the media and medical professionals, it has become harder and harder for our young children to grow up in a world where they see the joy and empowerment birth brings. Seeing “birth” in movies and on TV, where the woman is treated as an ill patient screaming and crying and in pain and rushed into surgery leaves girls today with the impression that birth is a negative event to be endured for the ultimate outcome of having a child.

But having a child is a wondrous event, full of joy and power and pride. Why are we hiding those aspects of birth away? Why are we focusing on the labor pains, the rare complications, and viewing the laboring mother as a patient… when what she really is is a goddess, delivering souls incarnate… transforming energy into matter and creating life?

Barbara sees that ALL births are magical. ALL births are wonderous. Yet among birthworkers, there can be division. I’ve seen and felt it very strongly myself, as an MD… doulas and midwives and OB’s can all *compete* for who take the best care of a laboring woman.

The fact is, they all love women and ALL want to support the laboring mother. All have given a great deal of time, love, and devotion into their training and invested a significant portion of their life into supporting woman as they feel is best. For every loving and empassioned birth worker out there, from an OB to a midwife to a doula, there is a laboring mother that would blossom under their care and do best with that modality.

So instead of competing with which approach is more natural or better than the other, Barbara’s vision is to connect ALL passionate birthworkers together, united, to get the message out there to all of the world’s women and girls… birth is beautiful. Birth is natural. Birth is powerful. Birth is safe. Birth is joyful.



My depiction of the power of birth… welcoming a new soul and riding the waves of power that deliver your manifestation… “Goddess Delivers”

For more info: Giclee prints here, and original canvas here.

Barbara is starting a new movement. One I believe in and want to be a part of. One I’d like you to be a part of too. She has started Empowered Birth Awareness Week… cleverly designed to start on Labor day and run all week long.

Her vision is to flood the world with positive, joyful images of woman giving birth. Check out her FB page here to find out more… or listen to her speak from the heart in this wonderful radio interview on BlogTalkRadio. It gave me goosebumps once she really started getting into her passion!

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Three days after I first became a Mommy… pure delight and awe!


On another note… Barbara and I co-created a children’s book that is so gentle and sweet.

She wrote a book all about a thunderstorm… a story that she created to soothe her children’s fears during a bad storm. Her story is called The Cloud Party… and it is all about how a wild and crazy storm is just a bunch of clouds having fun. I illustrated the book for her, and we are both tickled with how it turned out.



Find out more about The Cloud Party on Barbara’s website here… and to purchase, go here.

Happy Labor Day, everyone!!!! xoxo, Laura



The Cloud Party illustrations in progress