A Healing Prayer For You

You CAN feel better!

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My daughter is 12.

She is unique and wonderful and spiritual and wise.


Instead of playing around with make up and talking on the phone and rolling her eyes if I ask her to put away her clothes, like I did at her age, she writes novels and reads historical fiction and studies religion and creates beautiful things with her pen, drawings and artwork and prayers.


Like this prayer.


She wrote this and from the first moment I read it, I knew I wanted to incorporate this prayer into my work with my own patients.


Now, it is my go-to prayer that I say aloud right before every single private health consultation I give… it helps me open and connect with my patient’s energy on such a beautiful level, on a level deeper than from one soul to another, on a spiritual level that allows me to access pure, positive love.


It allows me to get into the healing zone.

I think it can help you do the same.

So I asked my daughter and she gave me permission to gift this prayer to you, in the form of a printable PDF:

“My Lord, My God”


You can print out this healing prayer and tape it to your bathroom mirror, pin it to your vision board, clip it onto your fridge, wherever you will see it often to remind you to connect with your own divine healing path and put you into that gorgeous, healing state of allowing.

Being in the state of allowing creates the space for your own innate well being to shine.

Here is what it says:


“My Lord, my God,

Through you I know I can do no harm.

I understand that I can do nothing on my own.

I call upon your help to mend this situation.

My Lord, my God,

Please work your power through me.

And let your light and beauty shine through

And onto all of us.

Forever, I call upon ye.

In your name we will always bow our heads.

We love you.

My Lord.




(print the PDF by clicking here: “My Lord, My God”.)

I hope you love this like I do and use it in good health…

xoxoxox, Laura