Healing From Toxic Relationships (video)

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heart chakra

Are your friends or loved ones draining you?


Are you having difficulty receiving nurturing…

… either from yourself or from others?


Or, are you feeling taken advantage of lately?



Do you have these common heart chakra conditions?

  • fibromyalgia
  • breast issues
  • heartburn
  • circulatory issues
  • heart disease
  • trust issues
  • abandonment
  • anger or jealousy


Today I offer this video to help you enjoy your heart chakra today…

Focusing on your heart chakra health is the most direct way to heal from toxic relationships, to welcome more meaningful and supportive relationships, and to LOVE YOURSELF!!!

Give me 6 minutes to walk you through how to assess your own heart chakra energy flow and ways to help support realignment!


Heart Chakra Healing:




Want more Heart Chakra Healing?


heart chakra1. Hang up this Heart Chakra Affirmation print in your space to work with daily



2. Watch this video on how to balance fibromyalgia and other heart chakra related health issues…


Check out this Chakra Healing eKit here!3. Delve into my Chakra Healing eKit, which gives you:

  • more patient examples of how chakras impact health and solutions at each level
  • copies of healing artwork to print out of each chakra level
  • a self assessment quiz you can use to determine what chakras *you* would benefit from working with
  • … and much more!


4. Read these tips on Eating For Your Chakra Type


5. Work Directly With Me and I will connect to your soul energy flow and let you know what I see in *your* specific chakras!!!



xoxo, Laura


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Enjoy Healing!