Heart Centered Parenting Tip #1: An easy way to re-direct the energy of the day

You CAN feel better!

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First of all, I want to thank you all for leaving such kind comments for me in the last post. I really appreciate every single one… each was like a gift that helped heal me and washed away some of the sadness…

Okay, so I’m still feeling a little raw but I had this quick little video recorded two weeks ago, so it’s perfect to share with you today. Matter of fact, I’m going to take my own advice right now and go find my Zenergy Chime


I hope you enjoy this super easy, super simple, yet highly effective way to re-direct any worries, negative thoughts, heaviness or distractions in the day of your child.

Or for yourself! I use this technique all the time, as I’m too impatient to meditate, too busy and too impulsive.

But who is too busy to breathe? If we are alive, we are taking the time to breathe, so this is something ANYONE can do. Yes, you!

Have a super young child or a child who doesn’t want to sit still? This is perfect.

Watch on, and for more Heart Centered Parenting tips keep an eye out for future videos and join in my upcoming eCourse.

xoxo, Laura