Hearts in Nature

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I love hearts. Is that redundant?

Either way, I love to photograph hearts whenever they pop up in my life. And as you could predict, the more I focus on them and photograph them, they more they seem to pop up!

Since February is Valentine’s month, I thought I’d share some of my favorite hearts with you. Today, I’ll show you some of my favorite hearts in nature. I just had one pop up on a wet day recently… water on pavement, found when we were playing at a park with friends a few days ago. Love that one so much… here it is!

A leaf my son found me last year

A rock while on a hike with my parents last summer

A heart that blew in through my front door

A heart that was waiting for us,

as our family made a pit stop at a gas station on a long drive

A heart leaf from our front yard this fall

A heart in the knob of a cypress tree knee

Here is to all the hearts that surround us, both noticed and unnoticed, in our world every day. xoxo