Here’s Why I Left Conventional Medicine (I Spill It All In This Interview)

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Today I’m sharing an interview with you that I recently had with Kids Who Explore. started by an amazing mama Adrianna Skori who resides in Alberta, Canada. She created Kids Who Explore as a fabulous resource for parents all over the world who want to incorporate nature into their child’s life.

I highly recommend exploring her website! There are lots of upcoming events, both locally and virtually, along with a blog and podcast that are both filled with inspirational ideas and tips to get your kids connecting with nature.

The company has the mission of “allowing nature to help raise our kids.” That might be the world’s best tag line I’ve ever heard. So when I was asked to be on the podcast, I’m like “hell yes.” What could be better than 1) focusing on supporting our children’s health and 2) encouraging the use of nature to do so.


Me outside grounding with my own kids when they were little — I sorely miss those days!


The interview didn’t disappoint — Lauren and Cindy (the hosts) both asked phenomenal questions and covered so many amazing topics. Even if you aren’t the parent of a young child (sadly I’m not either, my two are already in college and I miss them every day) you will find something interesting in this podcast, including:

  • Why I left conventional medicine (I can tell you the exact day, the exact minute)
  • How to get grounded outside in winter
  • How to stop treating your damn iPhone better than you treat your own body
  • Why you age and how to help reverse it
  • How to ground outside if you don’t have a backyard (I don’t either)
  • How to deal with ticks and tick bites
  • What surfaces outside are not actually grounding you
  • What grounding tools I would never ever use and why
  • What my secret favorite trip to take would be
  • … and so much more!



Click here to listen to the podcast (there is also a fabulous quick overview of everything we talked about waiting for you there too, if you are short on time and/or prefer not to listen to podcasts.)

You can also click here to listen to this episode directly on Apple Podcasts.

I hope you enjoy this free resource filled with information that will motivate you to not only get grounded (and stay grounded this winter!) but to make sure you get your loved ones (children or not!) involved too.

Sent with much love,

xoxo, Laura