Higher Morale, Longer Life Span

You CAN feel better!

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A new study shows that having a sense of optimism about your future

actually helps you live longer… much longer!


Published March 15, 2015 in Age and Aging, the results are clear: a higher morale leads to a longer life.


  • Researchers looked followed over 645 elderly participants (85 years old and older) for over 5 years using interviews, assessments and home visits, and after adjusting for age, health conditions, mobility, functionality and other variables.
  • Those with higher morale lived on average 5 years longer than their more pessimistic counterparts.
  • If folks who are already 85 years old can add 5 years onto their average life span simply by maintaining a sense of positivity, think of what you can do, no matter your age or physical condition, RIGHT NOW… right where you stand in your life.


This is crucial to recognize, because as we age and some of our physical capabilities and physiological functions decrease…

…the one thing we always have control over is our outlook — and this study demonstrates very clearly the incredible physical impact that outlook has on our body’s health.


Why does mind-frame matter so much?

Hop over here to read my article outlining the reasons that our mind-frame directly impacts our health.


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I truly believe in the power of positive, uplifting, empowering health information.


Positivity, support, wellness tips, encouragement, fun…

…all of these things make a difference and ACTUALLY IMPACT LONGEVITY…

…adding years to your lifespan!

That’s why my approach to medicine and health and healing is 100% positive — unlike many other physicians and healthcare practitioners, I refuse to bring your energy down with negative information or scare you into making change.

Sustainable health doesn’t work that way.

It’s not enhanced by fear.

Sustainable health comes from connecting with pure, positive Well Being.


So don’t every let anyone take away your ability to reconnect to Well Being.

Scary statistics, or alarming health information that bullies one into making change… this is not helpful.

The most helpful thing is support positive forward movement when faced with a health challenge.

And today’s report, directly from the medical literature, shows the power of positivity in adding YEARS to your lifespan.


To your beautiful, natural, ever available health!

xoxox, Laura