How To Feel At Home In Your Body

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Most of us live with a sense of not really inhabiting our body fully. We want things to change about our body or about our health before we will actually want to be in it. Or we have some judgement against it, or even disdain for it, on some level.

We feel, subconsciously maybe, that our body is against us. We can feel that it’s too damaged by health issues to truly cherish. We have a half hearted sense of tolerating our bodies for the time being.


You aren’t settling for that!

Your body, in exactly the condition it is in, is allowing you to have a living experience on this earth! It’s the only way you are present, right here and right now. Your body has faithfully kept you alive every day of your entire existence, no matter what condition it is in.

Until you can full embrace living in your body, you can’t really enjoy living life itself. If you are holding your breath, waiting for changes to happen before you will appreciate the body you are in, then you are holding yourself detached from it.

And if you are in detached holding pattern like that, it’s very hard to allow new healing in. You have to allow yourself to sink into this blessed body you have and draw your energy through it… not away from it.

Today let’s appreciate the job it’s done for us so far — knowing that we are not at the end result, knowing that health is constantly evolving for us — and just appreciating the millions of things our body is doing right, right in this moment.




This quick healing meditation I am sharing with you today is a very easy way to feel safe deeply inhabiting your own body.

Let’s not wait for perfect wellbeing before we live inside of our bodies. Let’s commit to the fact that we are living this imperfect existence and having these imperfect experiences. Let’s enjoy the healing and the path towards well- being, instead of just glorifying an imagined perfect ending and waiting for that.

Life is coming to you through this body you have. It is safe to enjoy it. It is safe to come back to your body again and again and again with this simple healing technique.

You want to be here.

You are committed to this lifetime, this experience.

Let’s send that message all the way through your body, so every single cell in your entire being is aware of this and you feel deeply connected to this precious vessel that is holding your soul, right here and right now.

Click on the short, 2 minute video below and I will walk you through feeling safe in your own body.

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I find that this meditation, and really all meditations, are easier to sink into and maintain if I am grounded while I do it.

I love being outside, connecting to the earth, enjoying that feeling of the tension in my muscles draining, my mood lifting, and my stress levels falling when I rest.

Have you ever felt the complete surrender of being totally docked on our planet, so relaxed that you drift in and out of sleep? I highly recommend it.




Recently I went outside in the afternoon, closed my eyes for what felt like just a few minutes, and repeated the thought over and over again… “I am at home in my body.”

When I reopened my eyes a few minutes later, it was actually quite a while later and it was turning dusk. I had never felt so at peace. How long had I been resting and restoring my body through grounding?

I watched the last of the sun’s rays flare gloriously through the leaves of the trees and felt the grass all around me. I thought to myself — why do I not do this every single day?

I decided to paint this experience, to remind myself to just walk straight out that door and touch the earth if I am feeling stressed out, hurried, overwhelmed, anxious, or just disconnected from my body in any way.

Here is what I came up with, I thought I would share it with you here:




To reconnect, it’s as simple as docking yourself to the earth, feeling at home in your body, and letting go.

If you could use a reminder to too, I painted this painting for you.

Here is how I did it:




I set up my paints, palette and a canvas in my little art studio space.




A blank canvas is intimidating. So I started easy, with the pink colors of dusk in the sky.




I added the trees around the top and put the base layer down for the grass around me, curving it to give that delightful drowsy feeling of resting on the earth, grounded, with muscles releasing all tension.




I added a bunch of bokeh spots to the background, and at this point I feel like I ruined it.

I know I have a point like this with every painting I’ve ever painted (click here to see some more of my artwork) so I just keep painting.




I add many layers of grass swirling all around.





Now it’s time to paint the rays of light coming through the trees.

I’ve never painted anything like this before so I take a big breath and just go for it.




I add three more bokeh to the foreground, coming right up to me as I awaken in the grass.

Here is the final result, I titled the painting:





It is a gallery wrapped canvas, here is what it looks like from the sides:






And of course I signed it in the corner:



You can find out more about this painting right here if you like!


To feeling at home in your body, right here, right now.

And letting the healing support of grounding allow you to sink more deeply into that precious body of yours.

xoxox, Laura