How To Get The Purest Ground Connection

You CAN feel better!

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I get thousands of emails asking me about grounding in areas where there are EMFs present

(which, let’s face it, is basically everywhere.)


The truth is that the very thing that makes grounding so powerful is that we are fully conductive human beings with every single cell in our body completely and totally conductive and ready to receive the earth’s healing energy.

And the very thing that makes us so susceptible to EMF exposures is that we are fully conductive human beings, with every single cell in our body completely and totally conductive, which means we are affected by the electromagnetic fields around us.

This is all one united field of medicine, a field that I am now calling Conductive Medicine.

The health of our bodies absolutely depends on us uniting these two issues, not dividing them.



To stop grounding because there are EMFs around is to remove the biggest source of power and resilience and healing potential right out from under you…

…cutting you off from the healing flow of your own conductive health.

You don’t want to isolate yourself even further from the earth… especially when EMFs are bombarding you day and night!

What you want to do is support your conductive health AND protect your conductive health.


Both, not one or the other.


Your conductive health actually is your biggest asset in healing!

We support our conductive health by grounding.

We protect our conductive health by decreasing EMF exposures… and shielding what we can’t decrease.

These two approaches are both wonderful, powerful, awesome, positive things we can do, and they overlap in beautiful ways… covering us from both angles, not dividing us.


To divide the two, and have EMF experts try to take away the healing modality of grounding is to cause division and fear where there is none, and to artificially remove something that is absolutely critical to the longevity of the human body.

But on the other side, to have grounding experts completely ignore that EMFs affect us at all is to stick your head in the sand and only recognize one arm of conductive health.

This division is not good.


I am here today to tell you that protecting our conductive health (by shielding and buffering EMF exposures) while boosting our conductive health (by grounding) is a completely compatible combination and absolutely the best thing you can do to support you body’s long term well being.


So that said, can we make the ground connection even more pure?


Is there anything we can to do really preserve the clarity of the ground connection to the earth when EMF fields are ever increasing?

Until now, the answer was no.

But I can see the horizon and it is card to breathe my friend… the environment is getting covered in more and more toxic e-smog as we speak.


So today, I am so so so damn excited to tell you…

…now there is something else available, something that filters and shields your ground connection to the earth, protecting you better than ever before.


Enter: the PureGround filtering cord,

proudly made right here in the USA, not bulk manufactured overseas like other grounding cords!



I wanted to provide you an easy way to use your grounding tools as nature intended, unaffected by the inevitable presence of surrounding EMFs.

Or as affected as little as possible at least!

It’s the ultimate way to bring the field of Conductive Medicine into a peaceful merger.

Watch this video below to see why those of us who are electrosensitive and want to have our ground connection shielded from ambient electrical and magnetic fields in our environment absolutely can:




(click here to watch this video on YouTube)

(click here for more information on the PureGround cord)



If you have a grounding tool with a standard grounding cord that is not filtered and not shielded… should you stop using it?


Absolutely not.

The standard grounding tool is what has been used in all of the medical studies on grounding over the past three decades and still, patient after patient, person after person, year after year, prove… the human body clinically benefits from being grounded.

All of my grounding tools still come with a standard cord.

I am using a standard ground cord too right now, as these new cords are available for pre-order but won’t ship until they come in stock in December!

So never stop grounding! Your current cord is awesome.


But for those of us concerned about the ever increasing strength of the electromagnetic fields on the horizon…

… and for those of us who are particularly electrosensitive, upgrading to a filtered and shielded cord makes sense.

Reserve your PureGround cord right here before they sell out!



By supporting your conductive health (with grounding) and protecting your conductive health (with shielding) we can get these two powerfully healing approached united, so that they can both ultimately work together to support your innate, robust health.

And now we can ensure that your grounding experience is the most pure ground connection possible by upgrading your standard grounding cord with the new PureGround filter grounding cord.

You can clip this cord onto any grounding tool that is conductive and it will work!

Compatible with all of the grounding tools I’ve ever sold, as well as any grounding tool sold by other companies…

…simply clip to the edge of the conductive part of any grounding tool and it will be powerfully grounded!

So anyone can use it. Whether you get your grounding tools from my website or a different one.

Anyone can feel even better than they do right now.

Isn’t that what healing and healing is all about?

No more division.

No more fear.

Just positive action and double the healing.


Share this these resources and this new cord with everyone you know who is electrosensitive and let’s unite these two approaches under one umbrella of Conductive Medicine.


xoxox, Laura