The Best Grounding Shoes On Earth

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The best way to get grounded is to just go outside

and directly touch the earth.


But what do you to when it’s getting too cold to go barefoot? Or too many hazards, like sharp rocks, glass, litter, fire ants, slippery ice, burning hot sidewalks?

Grounding through your hands is a great option, as I talk about in this video here.

But what if you are a die-hard fan of grounding through your feet? Then you are in luck because I have so many solutions today for you it’s incredible.

First up, I have four shoe lines I’m so excited about… I personally use every single one of these shoes and I am so grateful these options exist.

After I show you my favorite grounding shoes, I have a great option for you if you don’t want to invest in grounding shoes, and that is to put a grounding sticker onto shoes you already own. Not only saving you money but it’s super eco friendly to use shoes you already have. Win-win.

Lastly, I have three options of grounding socks for you to pair with your grounding shoes, for ultimate warmth without blocking conductivity.

I have a super fun video for you to test the health of your feet, it’s a trick I learned in med school that I do all the time to make sure I am getting enough barefoot time each day.

And finally, if you find your feet are out of alignment, some great corrective socks that are super relaxing to slip on at the end of a long day on your feet, and make a great stocking stuffer too for your most hard working loved ones. Couple the corrective socks with a coupon for a free foot massage and it’s hard to imagine a better gift.

Let’s get started!


My Favorite Grounding Footwear:


1. Grounding footwear:

Option 1. Harmony 783:


I’m so excited to finally have a grounding sneaker to recommend. This company is headed by my dear friend Sharon Whiteley who has decades of experience in the footwear industry. She developed a new technology called GroundWorks™, which utilizes a conductive carbon outsole connecting to a silver conductive footbed. For those looking for a lace up style shoe, Harmony 783 are the ones you want.




❶ Patent pending, proprietary Groundworks® technology
❷ Pure silver stitched footbed for conductivity
❸ Silver stitched lasting board layer
❹ 99% pure silver fabric loop to enable conductive flow
❺ Bio-friendly algae-based EVA by BLOOM in midsole.
❻ Carbon & rubber conductive outsole with trampoline heel for a stable stride




They have sneakers, loafers, walkers and flip flops all available in both Mens and Womens styles. I am not aware of any other lace up brand of grounding shoes, so these are my new go-to shoe to recommend hikers, dog walkers, bikers, and really anyone who needs a stable and cushioned foot bed on their foot while being grounded. Here are the sneakers I have and I love them:



and here are the ones I got my son:



and look at the cute ones my daughter has:




Option 2. Raum:


Ethically made, individually hand crafted leather shoes that are hand crafted, minimalist in design, and come in closed toe slip on designs in TONS of colors, for both men and women.

Raum shoes have a zero-drop sole made from a porous water buffalo leather. This type of sole is made extra conductive by absorbing the earth’s moisture and your perspiration. In addition, a copper metal grommet located behind the ball of your foot at the KD 1 pressure point provides maximum conductivity to ground your body. I particularly appreciate that these shoes are hand sewn, because most shoes on the market are simply glued or cemented together, not hand stitched. So your feet mold into the leather over time to create an amazing level of comfort that brings you back into alignment with how your foot feels and functions best.

And all parts of Raum shoes are sourced within a 90 mile radius of where they are made, which is virtually unheard of in modern footwear. All shoes are shipped in natural linen bags and an outer shipping envelope that is biodegradable, made from corn.



If you are looking for a slip on shoe that is minimalist in design (read: a non-cushioned footbed that allows feet to stay in their natural alignment ) and you want the largest selection of colors, then you want Raum shoes. These are the shoes that I have — a slip on loafer style in color Natural — and I love them. They are my easiest slip-on-and-go shoes.

Whenever I head out the door with my hands full (which is pretty much every time I head out the door) and I don’t want to stop, put things down, and sit down to lace up or buckle up my shoes, I slip my feet right into these and carry on with my day effortlessly.

Next up I want to grab a pair in Dusty Rose, Oyster, Stone or Turmeric for the fall… the colors are all absolutely stunning.





Option 3. Groundz:


I just had to include this new shoe line, even though they are sandal style, because I’m so impressed with them.

Groundz uses sustainably sourced and eco-friendly leather and goatskin throughout the sandals, chrome-free, water based and nontoxic vegetable dyes (very impressive) and a copper plug that is so comfortable I literally can not feel it. It’s so comfortable I had to check and double check that I was actually grounded in them — and yep, I am, every time!

I’ve tried all of the grounding sandals and flip flops out there and these are the ones I reach for literally daily. These are hands down the most comfortable and most stylish. They are so beautiful I would want to wear them every single day even if they were not grounding me! Luckily it’s still pretty warm where I live so yesterday I was able to slip these on and take a pic for you:



Obviously they are a warm weather staple, but they are so soft and comfortable that even in the fall, if it’s a warm-enough day, these are my go to shoes. And as you will see in the video I made for you below, wearing open toed shoes whenever possible is extremely important for your foot alignment (and subesquently, for the health of your knees, hips and back over a lifetime!) so I typically reach for sandals instead of a closed toe shoe whenever weather permits.

Groundz are also the least expensive option in this list, while still being superbly made. And because I am a physician nerd, the cute little Copper Element tag on the top of my sandals make me smile every single time I slip them on. So far Groundz only have women’s shoes available, but I know they are working on expanding their line as we speak. These are the style I have:




Option 4: Inner Mettle

If you want shoes that use recycled materials, than you want these.

Although other grounding shoes may be eco friendly, all natural, use only non-toxic materials, or even be handmade… Inner Meddle has the only grounding shoe made out of recycled everything: recycled lycra, recycled mesh, recycled vegan suede, and a shoe sole made of naturally biodegradable rubber.

I tested a pair out for myself and was strongly grounded on all natural surfaces, including rock, slate, dirt, sidewalk and grass. The shoe was designed in Europe, and features a flexible ultra-cushioned insole (with memory foam and cork) plus a fully conductive insole, midsole and outer sole — these all connect the healing earth energy directly to your feet. Woot!





2. Grounding shoe stickers:


These grounding shoe stickers are so easy to use — stick them to your shoes once and forget them! Get access to all of the benefits of grounding outdoors while being able to wear your favorite footwear.

Got a favorite pair of sneakers, running shoes, hiking shoes, even sports cleats? Or simply want to be eco-conscious and ground shoes you already own? A grounding sticker is the way to go.

The sticker conducts the grounding energy from the earth beneath you up and around your shoe, into the sole of your shoe where your feet are. By touching the sticker, you bypass the rubber sole entirely and are standing barefoot on the ground.



The new PRJ20 shoe stickers have a new revolutionary protective surface with self healing technology. This defends against wear of the conductive layers and increases the durability of the strap. It’s also a thinner, more conformable profile which results in a lighter and ‘easier to mould’ finish.

I can’t even feel these stickers on my shoes:



3. Grounding socks:


If you wear a grounding shoe sticker or any of the grounding shoes above, you’ll be grounded the moment you slip your bare foot into the shoe and stand outside on the earth.

But what if you like to wear socks? Be aware that almost every sock manufactured on this planet will block the grounding flow from the shoe (or shoe sticker) to your foot if you are wearing a sock. Most have synthetic fibers or are too thick to allow grounding contact.

But it’s truly no problem to wear a sock with a grounding shoe or grounding shoe sticker, you just have to make sure it is conductive. Luckily there are tons of beautiful socks made with conductive materials that will ground you instantly. By wearing a conductive sock with your grounding footwear, your entire sock will instantly encase your entire foot and ankle immediately in grounding energy, which will then powerfully ground your entire body from head to toe.

I’ve got three conductive sock options for you, depending on the style of sock you prefer. Each utilizes silver fibers throughout the entire sock, every inch of it, so the entire sock is conductive from top to bottom.

And if you like to sleep in socks to keep your feet warm in the winter, you can wear theses socks inside as well. Slipping into bed and resting your feet on a grounding mattress panel or grounding bed roll will allow you to ground right through your socks all night long.


Option 1; Grounding Athletic Socks:

thick, plush, absorbent, ankle length



Option 2: Grounding Dress Socks:

thinner, sleek, comfortable, crew length… great for work or dress!



Option 3: Grounding Knee High Socks:

stretchy, warm, cute, with the added bonus that they carry grounding all the way up your calves! My personal favs…



4. Treat your feet with toe alignment socks:


My feet instantly relax with these socks on, and as a bonus not only will the improve the health and alignment of your feet but they will also allow you to ground at the same time, thanks to the fact that your toes are still bare and ready to connect with the earth outside or a grounding mat while grounding indoors.

At the end of a long day, these are almost as good as a nice foot massage from the spouse. Almost. But infinitely more practical, because I can wear them while I’m standing in the kitchen making dinner and doing the dishes, and my feet feel stretched out and free by the time I’m done.

I always smile when I pack up an order for these toe alignment socks and some magnesium lotion — it’s just the sweetest little duo and I always imagine how good the recipient is going to feel after working some magnesium lotion onto their feet and slipping into these socks.

If you are looking for a little stocking stuffer to give your hardest working loved ones, some toe alignment socks and a handwritten coupon for a free foot massage is the best thing I can imagine. It’s like physical therapy for your feet:



5. Activity Time!

Grab a pen and paper to test your foot health:


  • Want to know if you are getting enough barefoot time?
  • If your feet properly aligned?
  • If the alignment of your foot is giving you knee, hip and back pain?
  • If the shoes you are wearing causing foot issues?
  • And how can you reverse damage shoes have caused your feet?

With the two very simple tests that I demonstrate for you in this video, you can test your own feet right now and you’ll know the answer to all of these questions!


A Quick Way To Know If You Are Going Barefoot Enough



This exercise is extremely eye opening, and you can do it in less than 2 minutes! I highly encourage you to give it a try right now!




For more awesome winter time grounding tips, beyond just grounding through your feet, you’ll want to grab the ultimate guide to grounding outside, no matter where you live or what the temperature is:


The Earth Prescription


I have signed copies waiting for you right here… or find it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, New Harbinger, and anywhere books are sold!


To a healthy winter full of outdoor grounding!

Yes, it is absolutely doable!

xoxoxo, Laura