How To Protect Yourself From 5G

You CAN feel better!

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Here are some pictures from the 5G summit I recently spoke at:


(thank you for taking them Melissa, you are the best!)



While I am still waiting for the recording from that event, I had a quick moment while I was between presentations at a medical conference to run up to my hotel room and record some quick thoughts for you about 5G exposures and what you can do to feel more empowered.

In the video below, I summarize what I presented at the 5G summit and I give lots of actionable, easy things you can do to protect your health and decrease your own radiation exposures:





The point is this: you can take charge of your own health.

You are innately resilient and you can protect that.

Even if the government doesn’t.

Even if your own family physician doesn’t.


You don’t have to be scared and you don’t have to give up hope, you can simply start thinking of radiation exposures in the same way that we think of ultraviolet exposures — now it’s just a matter of habit to wear sunglasses or sunscreen or limit your time out in peak sunlight hours.

Eventually we will begin to think of the EMFs that bombard us day and night in a similar way. Not exactly good for our health, but manageable with the right protection.

Here are some of the tools I reference in the video above… hopefully you will find them helpful in boosting your own innate health!



  • This router cover, to dramatically decrease the radiation coming from your router while still being able to use your internet throughout your home.
  • Shielding lotion, this silver based gel cuts radiation exposures roughly in half… and I’m currently in development of a stronger cream that will block even more RF from reaching you. (Sign up for my weekly newsletter right here if you would like to be notified when my new, patent-pending RF blocking lotion is available!) Meanwhile this one will definitely decrease your exposures to help you feel your best and function your best!
  • Organic shielding throw blankets, in several different styles.
  • Organic shielding sleeping bags, 100% hand made to surround your entire body in a cocoon of protective shielding.
  • Shielding clothing… I have a wide range of shielding protective clothing whether you want a nice shielding jacket to walk around in as you are out and about in urban settings, or (new to my shop!) you want to snuggle in at home with a shielding robe wrapped protectively around you, or something in between (my new shielding sweatshirts, for example!)




All of these healing tools (and so much more, including organic grounding tools and EMF shielding ground cords) are all waiting for you in my

Shielding Boutique right here.


You absolutely can take your own health into your own hands!

I hope this information helps someone out there feel more optimistic about the future and more empowered at how incredibly resilient the human body is!

xoxox, Laura