How To Receive Your Own Intuitions

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Want to know exactly how to prepare your body

to receive intuitions?


In this 8 minute video I’m going to share with you:

– how to use your body as a receptor to receive intuitive information

– the one thing that most people do wrong when trying to receive intuitive information

– a tool you can use tonight to get your very first intuition, or to expand the intuitive gifts you already have!

– what to do with the intuitive information you receive

– and what to do if you get no information at all!





In almost all the work I do with patients, helping them expand their intuition comes into play.

Nothing feels better that supporting my patients as they expand their intuitive possibilities!!!


I’ve organize my best tips into an online class to support as many people as possible into welcoming their own soul gifts!


And in two weeks, on Sept 28th…

…I’m teaching this class for the very last time this year.


So if you’ve ever wanted to open your intuition further, to work privately with me, to take this class, to awaken to your inner soul gifts — now is the time to join in!

Registration closes this Friday. Save your spot here…



My Expand Your Intuition Live Class includes:

  • self assessment tools
  • fun intuition expanding exercises
  • uplifting emails
  • live weekly phone calls
  • AND a one-on-one private phone consultation directly with me — so that I can give you my undivided attention and support for any questions that have come up along the way!

I can’t wait to begin! Join me by clicking here now!!!

xoxo, Laura