How To Use Your Intuition To Make Health Decisions

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Think Differently (original artwork)
Think Differently (original artwork)

Today I have a video for you… one that will help you figure out how to tune into your intuition to make deeply satisfying, deeply healing health decisions.


When you make a health decision rooted in your own intuition, everything unfolds more effortlessly because your health care decisions are aligned with your soul energy… there is a synergy already present that creates healing.


When you make a health decision based on doubt, second-guessing, over-thinking and/or other people’s well-intentioned advice… you may not be making the choice that will re-align you with your health the fastest.

Want to know how I figure out the difference between a decision based in worry or fear and one based in intuitive knowing?



I have three ways great ways that I use to make a satisfying health decision.

Using these three tips I can be sure that the decision I make is one that I never need to second guess.


Deciding what healing path to take? What treatment plan to follow? To have surgery or not? To start a medication or not? To switch practitioners or not? To get acupuncture or massage? To take a supplement or to focus on exercise or to get lab work done?

I’ll walk you through three steps that will help you feel your way through this decision right now, just click on the video below!






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xoxoxo, Laura