How Your Intuition Will Save The World

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One life at a time, one person at a time, one situation and one problem at a time, intuition will change the game of life as we know it.


But before I tell you how intuition will save the planet, let me show you how it transformed my life:

I absolutely was THE most conventional person on the planet… since 5 years old my goal was to become a top surgeon (i.e. incredibly type A!!!) and I worked hard to go through 23 years of education to become an M.D. by the age of 26 years old.

After I became pregnant with my first child, I fully intended to enroll my baby in daycare and continue on with my career when something stopped me in my tracks :

it was seeing my first soul, eye to eye…

looking directly at my daughter after she was born.

BOOM. Done.

I could no longer pretend we weren’t all souls wearing earth suits and having divine experiences on this planet.


I remember the next physical exam I did on a patient in the office — rushing my patient through in 15 minutes as is protocol and writing her a Rx as she headed out the door… something I would have felt happy to do before having children made me stay awake all night feeling nauseous and repulsed now.

I quit.



Quitting conventional medicine is the best thing I had ever done because it forced me to fully trust in the unseen — trust in the outcome when it was not at all apparent what my next step would be.

I had absolutely no idea what I would do next, I just knew it wouldn’t be what I had done before.


And as it always does, the next step kept appearing:

the intuitions started coming like a feeling of dejavu

or a feeling of waking up from amnesia

to what was there all along…

…all these intuitions that were always there that I had blocked from coming in.


I started working with patients in a whole new way — seeing their energy and working with their chakras and finally HEALING things instead of prescribing a cover up.

Now I don’t want to work with patients any way other than intuitively.

The 5 sensory way to heal patients is so incredibly limited.

And just as 5 sensory physicians limit themselves in healing the body… healing the earth with our 5 sensory ideas and approach traps us into a limited finite outcome that keeps ticking away towards a dead end.


We need to move beyond 5 sensory living on this planet in order to transform our experience and reality and existence… in order to create sustainability.


Right now we live focused on a limited, finite experience of reality:

we are 5 sensory organisms on a 5 sensory planet

trying to figure out 5 sensory solutions in a limited capacity environment.

We have limited resources and are looking dismally at a finite outcome with an end point that means time is up.


love is everywhere

In a 6 sensory existence, one that welcomes intuitive information as direct and valid information equal to the other 5 senses, we can move beyond boxed in finite outcomes to infinite possibility and infinite solutions.


Now is the time to open to POSSIBILITY.

I can testify that opening to possibility with the human body leads to health and healing beyond what one could predict with their 5 sensory calculations and trials and data and outcome computations.

Opening to intuitive healing can and has lead to cancer remissions, entire life transformations, healing strategies that see the entire dynamic of energy flow throughout the body instead of just a linear cellular process of A = B = C (which is NOT ever how health flows through the body and not how a single disease process happens or resolves!)

Moving on

On an earth level, opening to possibility opens us to a miraculous future, one that goes beyond environmental predictions and calculations and includes spontaneous ideas, resolutions that are inspired, unlimited potential, countless and infinite solutions.

Intuition can start with YOU.

Intuition can start today.



We can start to access our intuition to open to new possibilities

and therefore into new solutions.



I challenge you to start tonight.

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The easiest way to begin to get into a receptive mode to access your own intuition is to immerse yourself in the most intuitive medium on the planet, water.

As Dr. Emoto showed, water has an intuitive, responsive, dynamic nature and our bodies and energy respond to this.

At the beginning of opening to my own intuition, I would stand in the shower or sit in a warm bath and ask the questions that were in my heart, and listen to the water and the energy around me.

I started to find out how my body picks up on intuitions.

There are many different ways intuition reaches out and each person has a favorite way to access this 6th sensory information.


The information is ALWAYS there, you just learn to lean into your favorite way of picking up on it:

  • You can feel intuitions in your abdomen — intuitive gut knowings.
  • You can feel intuitions in your chest — heart centered intuitive connections.
  • You can feel intuitions in your head — through visualizations
  • You can feel intuitions all over your entire body in the form of physical sensations on your skin or deep in your muscles
  • You can receive intuitions through your dreams when you are deeply relaxed and in receptive sleep modes.

Your intuitions are what can change this world.


Your intuitive information is the best ally you have in making decisions that are unlimited in potential and open to many alternative possibilities, not boxed into limited outcomes or finite environmental deadlines that loom ahead of us.

Expanding past 5 sensory ideas into 6 sensory understanding is what will save this world.

Nothing short of that will do it.

xoxo, Laura


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