I guess I am officially a house wife.

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Why does this annoy me as much as it thrills me? It really does. I hate that I love the sight of laundry hanging on the line.

It seems like it should be oppressive… degrading… at the very least, unfair that I’m doing laundry while my hubby finds fulfillment at work… changing patient’s lives, chatting with his lovely office staff, getting to be the boss of something larger then the chores.

And most chores are like that. My husband comes home in the afternoon and we talk about our day… his seems so fulfilling, helping patients towards health, while I’ve scrubbed a toilet.

But laundry that actually makes it out to the line is different. Not the sopping wet stuff I cram into the dryer and forget. But the loads that I take the time to carry out onto the back porch and hang… those just make my day.

And today I finally figured out why. It’s not about the laundry. It’s about the sunshine out there, smiling on all my favorite memories. It’s like the sun agrees with me that my family is awesome… and is lending me her warmth to help out… giving a big thumbs up to all that I cherish.

Why do I love laundry in the sun? I have as many reasons as I have articles of clothes hanging on the line.

For this set, there are five good reasons:

1. My red-headed, freckle faced husband that wears a rash guard in the sun, reminding me of our recent trip to the beach.

2. Me enjoying my girly side… it used to be short mini skirts that made me feel like a girl… now in my 30’s it a fluffy petticoat handmade from England that I got off of Etsy.

3. A crisp white work shirt that hubby wears to work… rolled up at the sleeves and with his tie thrown off at the end of the day, he makes our house a home.

4. My son’s white pj t-shirt, which (even though he is only 6) is almost as big as my shirts… makes me giggle out loud.

5. A dish towel, that I’m hoping the sun can bleach white again… stained up by countless pets and meals and art projects.

I hope you smile today as you do your laundry too. Intense scowling and eye-rolling while doing the toilet is still completely expected. Encouraged, actually. Because heck, I *could* be out there at our medical practice seeing patients… but instead I’m scrubbing a toilet. Grrr…… xoxo