I’m baaaaaaaaack!!!!!! August announcements…

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Hi folks! I’m so glad to be back. I can’t believe how much I missed blogging over this past month! One post a week just ain’t enough for me.


So I’m back in the saddle, full swing, and looking forward to a really fun month this August. I have guest bloggers, giveaways, new art, and new thoughts on health lined up for you.


Today I wanted to highlight the eCourse that starts this month… Skin Happiness. I’ve added even more content, links to products I love, and enjoy connecting with the participants and answering their personal skin care questions so much. I can’t wait for it to start! The course begins on August 22nd, but the deadline to enroll and have a goodie bag sent to you in time to start the course is August 15th.


There is room for you right now, so sign up here if you would like a fun, low stress, positive, and all natural health class on how to care for your skin from the inside out. Two weeks of daily newsletters come right into your email, for you to read at your leisure. Everything from cleansing, exfoliation, deodorant, sun protection, hair care… to tips on how to bathe your skin in health, defeat acne, and slow down aging.


Recent feedback has been wonderful!

“I felt very comfortable emailing you. Your responses were quick and just what I needed.

I especially enjoyed your presentation style. I can say I have a deeper appreciation for my skin in general and now feel the urge to rediscover ways to pay more attention to it as a whole.”


“These health courses take you where you have never been before, but where we ALL need to be! Amazing and life-altering information. Thank you so much for what you are doing!”


“There aren’t enough good things to say about this course! Dr. Koniver knows about skin, and provides encouraging, well-researched, and insightful readings as well as wonderful support throughout the course. You also get a goodie bag before the course starts, making the price an absolute bargain! I consider myself pretty knowledgeable about skin care and natural approaches to health, and I learned so so so much from this course! You won’t regret it.”


“Skin is not just skin was a great beginning because it set the stage for a new way of looking at skin care for me. I loved it! Looking back I guess you could say that I had been poisioning myself from the “outside in” with a lot of expensive paraben concoctions. The gentle application of simple products and the fact that I no longer scrub my face twice daily and resulted in much softer and no longer red skin! Everyone who has food sensitivities and allergies should take this ecourse! You have to be a chemist to select cosmetics if your skin is sensitive. I highly recommend this course to everyone! The sooner they take it the better.”


“I want to share this with you. I went to my hair dresser last week… my hair dresser said my skin looked healthy and had a radiance to it. It really makes you feel good when other people start noticing a difference in your skin.”


Sign up here if you’d like to begin Skin Happiness with me this August!
Oh, and if you’ve taken my Skin Happiness course in the past and want refills of the products, here ya go!


xoxo, Laura