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… and an entire free seminar! And joining me are a whole bunch of amazing healers in this years 2012 Energy Healers Conference.

Starting next Monday (May 28th) and running all week-long, you can have free and exclusive access to a ton of health and inspirational healers who talk on a large variety of subjects.


Of special note is Susun Weed, a famous herbalist who was extremely inspirational to me and greatly contributed to my desire to write my Female Health and Empowerment book… which remains my very favorite and most powerful ebook that I’ve written so far…

Also interesting is Gina Rafkind, a holistic anxiety coach who takes the energy of anxiety and helps you transform it and work with it to produce some powerful changes in your own life.

Yes! Not many resources out there for taking anxiety and working with it for good, instead of simply suppressing it. I can’t wait for her talk!

Also little ol’ mio… who will be talking about the powerful healing energy of the earth in a way I haven’t shared with you yet.

Does the earth have something to do with the current rise in obesity? Oh yes, I think it does, and I’ll tell you more about it and how you can use the earth to release weight during my seminar.

The coolest part (besides the fact that it’s totally free) is that once you sign up, these resources will be always available to you… not just at the time of the event but afterwards.

Each of the twelve speakers is giving away a freebie that you can’t find anywhere else (mine is the fun chakra assessment quiz!) and you can go back to these and print them out whenever you like in the future. Which makes this a valuable resource that you can re-access as your needs change and as you grow!!!

Pop on over to the website here to sign up, and if you are a FB kinda peep you can join the FB page here.

I am going to be at the conference next week but I’ll be sure to pop back in here to remind you of my presentation and to get your free goodies… so have an amazing Memorial Day Weekend and I’ll see you at the conference soon! xoxo, Laura