Immediate Answers To All Of Your Most Urgent Grounding Questions

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I’m right in the middle of my online grounding class and I’ve gotten so many fabulous questions.

So today I wanted to share with you, dear reader, the answers to some of the most popular questions I get asked year after year after year, class after class after class, in case you are not in my grounding class right now but still have some questions on how to get grounded to see the health benefits you want to see.

Have you ever wondered about any of these questions:

  • Is there anything I can do to make my body more grounded?
  • Is it okay to ground through other body parts or should I use my feet?
  • Is it ok to get grounded if the lawn is treated with chemicals?
  • What can I do to naturally prevent a tick bite and decrease my chance of Lyme disease if I do get bitten?
  • Is it better to have more surface area touching the earth?
  • Is it necessary to ground for 30 full minutes to get health benefits from grounding?
  • Is it still working if I don’t feel anything while I’m grounded?
  • What’s the best way to talk to my children about grounding?
  • Will touching a tree ground me?
  • Will touching water ground me?
  • Will touching a rock ground me?
  • Can I get grounded through a sidewalk?
  • Are my pets grounded when they are outside?
  • Are PEMF, TENS and other electrical stimulation therapies the same thing as grounding?
  • Is it safe to ground around EMFs?
  • How do I fit it in to my already overly busy day?
  • And more!

If so, I’ve got you.

Click this link or click the image below to watch the full Q&A right now:



Your Most Urgent Grounding Questions… Answered!



Sent with much love!

I’m really hoping this helps you get outside while the weather is in transition — either cooling down or warming up, depending on where you live — and getting in that extra health boost of grounding each day!

xoxoxo, Laura Koniver MD