Immune Boosting Supplements To Know About Before Heading Into Fall And Winter

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There is a lot of information, and unfortunately a lot of misinformation, about using natural supplements to boost your immunity. Many supplements have anti-viral properties and are being extensively studied this very moment for their effectiveness in the face of our current pandemic, so I am going to link you directly to these studies so that you can read them for yourself.

I also am giving you direct links to all the current clinical trials registered in the US National Library of Medicine that are being conducted for each supplement.

Here are the top 10 most medically studied immune boosting supplements, in order of most studied to least studied.


Here we go:

The Top 10 Supplements Being Studied

During This Pandemic:




1. Vitamin D


By far the most studied supplement is Vitamin D.

Here’s a list of medical studies that suggest why:


There are currently 41 ongoing clinical trials testing

Vitamin D for it’s therapeutic value in covid infection…

… you can take a look at those clinical trials right here.




2. Vitamin C


Coming in as the second most studied supplement is Vitamin C.

Here’s why:


There are now at least 34 ongoing clinical trials looking into

Vitamin C’s role in coronavirus infection…

… you can read those here.




3. Probiotics


Medical research is looking into the possible role of probiotics as well:


Right now, there are 10 ongoing clinical trials testing to see if

taking probiotics has a clinical benefit in covid19 patients…

… you can read those here.




4. Zinc


Several medical studies have been published looking at zinc and immune function:


There are currently 24 ongoing clinical trials looking at

the efficacy of zinc in covid19 infections…

… you can read those here…

…along with this interesting study being conducted in Australia,

which tests IV zinc for coronavirus treatment.



5. Melatonin


The next most studied supplement is melatonin. Melatonin may play a role in the cytokine storm cascade during viral infection, here are some studies looking into this further:


There are now 4 ongoing clinical trails looking at

melatonin supplementation and coronavirus infection…

… you can read about those here.



6. Black Cumin Seed Oil


Here is a lesser known but incredibly interesting supplement that has been shown in several medical studies to decrease viral replication: black cumin seed oil, also known as Nigella sativa.

Here are some new medical studies looking into the antiviral properties of Black Cumin Seed oil:


There are 3 ongoing clinical trials testing the use of

Nigella sativa against coronavirus infection…

you can read those here.


7. Quercetin


Quercetin is a sort of “natural antihistamine” that I’ve long recommended to my patients who have seasonal allergies, as it helps decrease reactivity to allergens. So it makes sense that quercetin might play a role in decreasing lung reactivty:

Medical studies looking at quercetin include:


Currently there are 2 ongoing clinical trials looking at

quercetin’s role in coronavirus…

…which you can read about right here.



8. Curcumin


Curcumin is one of my favorite anti-inflammatories of all time. So it makes me so happy to see that curcumin is now being investigated as a therapeutic agent to decrease the inflammatory response of the body during viral infection.

Here are some great medical studies you can read:


There is only one ongoing clinical trial looking at

a combination treatment (that includes curcumin) to treat covid19…

you can read that here.




9. Glutathione


Ever since news that this New Yorker seems to have massively improved after taking large does of glutathione during her illness, there have been a lot of talk over glutathione’s role, if any, in preventive care.

Unfortunately, the medical studies on this supplement are slim and there are currently no ongoing clinical trials investigating it’s role in covid19 therapy.


There is one current study looking at the role

of glutathione in Covid severity…

you can read that here.


10. Echinacea


There are a few medical studies looking at the anti-viral properties of echinacea… but no current clinical trail as of yet. Studies that may interested you include:


No current Covid19 clinical trials.


If you are interested in taking immune boosting supplements this fall and winter as part of your daily wellness plan, I have put a protocol together for you below.

It includes all of my favorites nutrients that I like to the certain to have adequate intake of during the cold and flu season, like Vitamin C, Vitamin D, zinc, quercetin and probiotics.

These are the supplements that I take — and recommend to my loved ones — all found in my online dispensary right here:



To boosting your resilient and innate health… naturally!

xoxox, Laura