Increase Bone Density, Drop Body Fat With Yogurt

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A new study, presented at the American Society of Bone and Mineral Research’s Annual Meeting (September 18, 201) showed that all it takes is consuming yogurt to make an impact on bone density and body mass index.


The Study:

  • Researchers looked at over 700 post-menopausal women who underwent bone density assessment at baseline and again 3 years later
  • Food intake and physical activity were also assessed
  • Yogurt consumption was categorized as never consumed, consumed less than once a day, or consumed once a day or more.


The Results:

  • Patients who consume yogurt had greater bone density and less cortical bone loss over time than patients who never ate yogurt.
  • On top of this, the percentage of body fat and the body mass index of patients who consumed yogurt were lower than patients who did not consume yogurt.
  • These results were completely independent of dietary calcium intake and physical activity… the bone strength and BMI differences were statistically significant just from the yogurt alone.



Man flexing bicep, skeleton visible, close-up (Digital Composite)


Patients consuming yogurt had 6.5% leaner bodies, 4.4% greater bone density and about at 10% less fracture rate over time.

And this boost helped protect against bone loss over time.

At the three year bone mineral density follow up, the patients who never consumed yogurt had an average bone mineral density loss of 0.1% each year, whereas the patients who consumed yogurt increased their bone strength…

…up to a 0.6% increase in bone density each year


So the fermented dairy product, rich with probiotics, helped increase bone strength, protect bones over time, keep body fat lower and lower BMI measurements totally independently of any other factor that could account for these differences, such as exercise or total calcium intake.

This study comes on another study which revealed that consuming dairy actually helps decrease diabetes risk!


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