It’s Way Too Cold For Me Outside… What I Do To Stay Grounded

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I hate cold.

OMG I hate cold.


I am super honest about that.

Even though I just finished writing my new book:

The Earth Prescription

which has an entire chapter filled with the most fabulous Winter Grounding Ideas, I am totally transparent in disclosing that I just completely hate the cold.

Until you can get your hands on that book and have unlimited ideas on grounding in the winter (you can pre-order autographed copies right here to be the first to get your hands on it!) I have created a bunch of videos for you to demonstrate how you can stay comfortably grounded in other ways than the typical “go barefoot” advice you read everywhere else.

It’s too cold for that tired advice. Here’s your alternatives…


Idea #1:

Ground through your indoor plumbing… I’ll show you how:




Idea #2:

Ground through your pet… I’ll show you how:




Idea #3:

Ground cheaply indoors with items you already own… I’ll show you how:




Idea #4:

Ground using your hands instead of your feet (yep, trees & rocks will ground you!)… I’ll show you how:





Idea #5:

DIY your own grounded hiking stick… I’ll show you how I make mine:




Idea #6:

Use meditation indoors to get some of the exact same benefits as grounding…

I walk you through it right here:



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For more many more, absolutely wonderful ways to ground directly to the earth outside

(no matter what the season)

(no matter what the temperature)

(no matter where you live)

(even if you live in a city with no access to green spaces…)

I’ll keep you connected directly to the our beautiful planet.


Pre-order your copy of The Earth Prescription today!


xoxox, Laura