Inflammation Depresses Mood (Here’s How To Reverse It)

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Increased inflammation in the body worsens symptoms of clinical depression, says a new study published in JAMA Psychiatry on November 18, 2015.


Higher levels of blood markers of inflammation were found to be directly correlated with a variety of depressive symptoms, including sleep difficulty, decreased energy levels, decreased motivation and increased or decreased appetite.


The details:

  • Researchers looked at data on C-reactive protein levels (a blood marker of whole body inflammation) in over 15,000 patients.
  • Higher levels of inflammation were directly correlated with higher levels of depressive symptoms, and the correlation was dose dependent… meaning the higher the C-reactive protein (CRP) levels, the worse the symptoms got.
  • Sleep problems, exhaustion and changes in appetite were all significantly increased with increasing CRP levels.
  • Lack of energy was particularly correlated by high inflammatory marker levels.
  • Inflammation was also found to contribute to cognitive changes such as loss of pleasure in activities previously found pleasurable (anhedonia), depressed mood, lowered feelings of self worth, decreased ability to concentrate, and even suicidal thoughts.


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Of course conventional medicine’s response is to see if prescription anti-inflammatory drugs help treat depression by stopping the body’s inflammatory response.

Turns out that they do.


A recent analysis (published Oct 14, 2015 in JAMA Psychiatry) of 14 randomized, placebo-controlled studies looking at over 6,300 patients found that NSAIDs (anti-inflammatory drugs) help lessen depressive symptoms and resolve depressive episodes better than placebo alone and better than anti-depressants alone when added to anti-depressant therapy.

In particular, the NSAID Rx drug Celebrex was found to improved the effects of antidepressants and allowed for greater response to antidepressant treatment and increased rates of remission.

These results serve to further deepen the connection between inflammation and depression, and help to show that if you treat inflammation, you lift the burden of depression.

But what pharmaceutical companies may not want you to know is that simply touching the earth, through the healing practice of grounding, decreases whole body inflammation and brings CRP levels down naturally.

This powerful, natural effect is the mechanism of action behind the earth’s ability to elevate mood, boost energy, and brighten outlook.




Know the feeling of spending a morning in your garden or an afternoon walking along the beach and how calm, centered, uplifted and creative your mindset becomes?

Grounding your body is at work here, decreasing your whole body inflammation, decreasing the stress hormones (like cortisol) in your bloodstream and decreasing your C-reactive protein levels as it completely naturally reduces inflammation in your body… no drugs necessary!

There’s no better way to naturally decrease inflammation than through the powerful healing practice of grounding.


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