Sleep: An Easy Way To Prevent Asthma

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A new medical study revealed that there is a huge association between insomnia and asthma…

…which is good news, because that means there are tons of holistic, simple, supportive things you can do today to decrease your risk of asthma.

The Study:

(published Feb 1, 2017 in the European Respiratory Journal.)


  • Researchers followed over 17,000 patients in a long term study over the span of 11 years.
  • Patients were ages 20 – 65 years old
  • Patients had data collected to analyze sleep quality, patterns of sleep, difficulty with going to sleep or staying asleep, and asthma symptoms including severity and frequency of asthma attacks.


The Results:

  • Patients who had any difficulty falling asleep had an average of a 65% significantly higher risk of subsequently developing asthma as an adult.
  • Patients who experienced difficulty falling asleep routinely had an even higher risk. The risk rose to 95% if they had difficulty falling asleep once a week.
  • The risk rose even more if the patients had difficulty falling asleep on most nights…. a 108% significantly higher risk of developing asthma as an adult.
  • The longer the insomnia, the higher the risk. Patients that had 10 years of struggling with insomnia had a 3 TIMES the risk of developing asthma as an adult.


The Bottom Line:

Long term insomnia TRIPLED asthma risk.

Turns out high quality sleep is crucial to long term respiratory health.



So why is this good news?

Because on top of seeking medical care for asthma, there are tons of things you can do on your own to prevent asthma, and one way is as easy as getting a good night’s sleep.

Advice you are not likely to hear at your conventional medical office… but one that is based on sound medical literature.

And there are other ways too! No longer do you need to approach asthma with only a Rx and nothing else to guide you. Here are six very effective ways to approach supporting your lungs from all angles:


6 Holistic Ways to Decrease Your Asthma Risk:

  1. Banish insomnia by sleeping grounded.

  2. Treat insomnia with this holistic insomnia relief kit, developed directly from the medical literature proven to help you naturally fall asleep!

  3. For other holistic ways to treat insomnia — watch this video I created for you

  4. Take this supplement, that is medically proven to decrease asthma flares.

  5. Adopt a pet. Did you know pets actually decrease asthma risk? Here’s a medical study that proves it.

  6. Get inspired through positive imagery. The painting I painted to support lung health.


xoxoxo, Laura