Inspiration Wednesdays… I shredded my old anatomy textbook and came up with this instead!

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Okay, maybe I didn’t shred it… more like tore it apart. I created several new works of art out of it, and wanted to share the first one with you here:




I had so much fun with this artwork… I literally ripped out the page from my old anatomy textbook and painted in the new *reality* that I have discovered is the true secret to health.

Being a physician it is so interesting for me to look back and reflect on what we were taught as impressionable young students in medical school… the model for disease and healing was such a narrow and rigid box that has not at all reflected the reality of health and healing that I have seen with my patients.

I’ve seen miracles. I’ve seen love. I’ve seen how thoughts and choosing a new vantage point have profoundly impacted outcome.

It was my true pleasure to flip back through my old anatomy book and decide that we need some new labels. Naming organs and labeling things just constricts everything down into a dry factoid that doesn’t really reflect life at all.

Life is not linear. It is dynamic.

There are no labels on our vital organs and tissues… there is real life, energy exchange, and flow. Nothing I was taught during my medical training prepared me for the magic that is the essence of life.

So it’s time for some new labels for health, my friend. Here are a few:
find your own wisdom
speak your inner truth
flow in gratitude
flow out joy
breath in deeply and breath out fully
dance to the rhythm of life
If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with something in the linear world of medicine… just remember this. They don’t know it all. I’ve been there and back and I can say it for sure: they don’t know it all, my friend… they don’t.

Find out more info on this original mixed media artwork here.

I’ll show you another one I created later in the month…


xoxo, Laura