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heart rockI am so blessed to receive emails from a dear soul named Michael.


Michael lives across the ocean from me yet speaks right to the heart of things so clearly that I feel as if he is standing right next to me.


Michael knows about big transitions, about pain, about suffering… and because of this he knows a lot about joy, and love, and interconnection.


You see, Michael has inoperable cancer.

And yet, through this journey Michael feels alive, he feels love, and he understands more deeply than most of us that emotions are all interconnected… and it doesn’t matter so much if you are experiencing an emotion that you’d label “good” or an emotion that you’d label “bad”… being present for all of it allows you to see it all as an expression of Divine Connection.

The point isn’t the happiness, or the sorrow, or the pain, or the joy… it’s about being present and honoring each as they pass through.


Michael already knows this lesson and the emails he sends me about it are a thing of beauty. Today I asked him if I could please share his most recent email with you all here and he kindly obliged.


So I’ll let him speak from that eternal place of peace that is possible when we can drop the labels and allow the love to shine through any situation:

“I rise very early and immediately fall in love with everything I see.

I am very aware of the greater picture, and understand why little things in life are the most important.

It is good to walk through fields of green; to see the vast array of colour, and hear the murmur of a nearby stream.

Mother Nature is working hard to provide us with the heavenly scent of the wild-flower, and the sound of the song-bird. Why only this very morning I heard the call of the cuckoo. What joy this can bring, even to the hardest of hearts!

I love the stillness.

I listen to the silence.

My beautiful Inner Child is aware of the aliveness and the pulsating energy that causes the growth and development for all existence.

Once upon a time and in my curiosity, I questioned the theory of oneness, and although I loved the concept of each and every one of us being part of the whole, I was never too sure of what it actually meant.

Now I know.

All there is in this vast universe harbours the same love and feelings as I.

I am no better or worse than my greatest enemy. Between us there is no difference…we are one!

Finding this love completes our quest for the Holy Grail.

And knowing at last that all feelings throughout the planet and the universe are the same, is something way beyond the minds comprehension. Nothing else matters, only love!

I sit alone when the day is done and try to recall the day that has just passed.

Often I get a scented fragrance and at that moment within the pit of my stomach there begins a churning and I am overwhelmed with this unbelievable love. I feel so good!

They have just told me that the cancer within is starting to grow.

I am good with this news for I would sooner treat my condition with loving kindness than to run away.

From pain and sorrow comes a volcanic burst of joy and happiness.

The negative and the positive are indeed one of the same.

Fear can be a friend if allowed to be but only if we fill our hearts with love.

Our Inner Child will provide the light to show the way. Our breath will continue to bring us life and our hearts will provide the love.

Not only now, but beyond this life and eternity.”

"Love Is Everywhere" -- one of the first paintings I painted to show the interconnection of love, spirit and our earthly life...
“Love Is Everywhere” — one of the first paintings I painted to show the interconnection of love, spirit and our earthly life…
He speaks so beautifully of a reality that I am only beginning to *know* and open to.
  • I’m finding that if you sit with ANY emotion long enough there is only you, your soul, and what your soul is experiencing.
  • It is not me, so attached or fearful of or resisting the sorrow… it is my soul, full of love and eternity and connection to all… that is bearing witness to the sorrow.


Bearing witness to the emotion that is present feels entirely different then just suffering with any ol’ emotion that happens to come along.

It gives grace and meaning and beauty to the current situation.

So it is my hope, that through Michael’s exquisite example today, we can all remember that we are eternal souls honoring our unique journey, no matter what emotions show up for us today.

Freedom to experience love, completely independent of what emotions keep us company today.

With love for the richness of this life… and gratitude that you are here on this planet doing the journey with me…

xoxox, Laura