Instant Ghost

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Have you decided what you are going to be for Halloween yet? I am going as a ghost. And I love love love the ghost cape that Martha Stewart designed… but I don’t love the price. $149.99???? For a bunch of tulle fabric that you tie around your neck? I don’t get it.

In case there are any folks out there who haven’t figured out what you are going to be this year, I thought I’d share with you a little tutorial on the ghost cape that I made… for $8. Yep, eight bucks.

All you need is several yards of tulle… doesn’t really matter how much, you can cut and layer as many pieces as you like… and a yard of ribbon. I think I used 7 yards here… cost me $8… I used 4 yards of white and 3 yards of silver/grey. I just cut them unevenly in half, and laid one on top the other… making sure one edge lines up on all layers. The other three layers look better if they don’t line up, and hang unevenly. Simple. Better yet, you can hack into the edges of the layers and make them look ragged and ghostie. Just line up your tulle so that one of the edges is even… that will be the edge we sew the ribbon on to.

Put your ribbon along the edge of the tulle… we are going to attach the middle third of the ribbon onto the cape. Just take the middle third (about a foot long or so) of the ribbon, and fold the tulle back once or twice to wrap around the ribbon. Sew it on with your sewing machine, or by hand. I went ahead and sewed both edges… go for it. Or you can just put one wide zigzag stich down the middle.

Um… really… that’s it. Whip that bad boy around your neck and you are all set. Layers and layers of floaty tulle… costume completed in about 5 minutes.

Cut tulle, line up one edge, sew on a ribbon in the middle (leaving both ends of the ribbon hanging free) and then tie it on! Accessorise by throwing on a white outfit under the cape, white face paint and white hairspray, if you’ve got it. On the actual night of Halloween, I’m going to load up on the black eyeliner as well, and I have some spider tattoos that I’m going to have crawling all over my face. I found this great white dress at our local thrift shop for $12, so my costume costs about $20 total. Now with the other $120 I just saved, I’m going to by myself lots and lots of Halloween candy! Yippee! xoxo