Is It Safe To Get Grounded Around EMFs?

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This is one of the most common questions I am asked, so I thought today I’d write an article explaining how EMFs and grounding may overlap to cause some unwanted symptoms, and what to do about it to feel better and still get all the health benefits of grounding.


Is it safe to use grounding tools around EMFs?


We know from decades of medical studies on grounding indoors — through grounding tools — that were all conducted in urban areas and some even in hospital settings, the body goes into a healing state even with EMFs present.

That’s because all of the positive results from every single double blind placebo based medical study was done in the presence of EMFs, in urban settings, including in the presence of electric fields, magnetic fields, and high frequency RF fields.

One very clear example of this is this medical study conducted on premature babies in the NICU.  These babies were in incubators and surrounded by electromagnetic and RF fields on all sides, and yet almost instantaneously went into a healing state, with improved vagal tone and improved markers of survival, while being grounded through a grounding patch.

To hear me tell you in depth about this study, I have a video waiting for you here. 




Does grounding protect you from EMF exposures?


The answer to this is no.  Sadly, grounding doesn’t magically immune you from the EMF exposures you are facing while grounded.

Just as being grounded outside on a pesticide sprayed yard would put you in a grounded healing state but meanwhile also expose you to nasty toxic chemicals, grounding in EMF fields means while your body goes into a grounded healing state, you are still being impacted by these EMF fields.

So the bottom line is that whether you are grounded or not, these EMF fields are affecting your health.  I would not avoid grounding because of EMFs but rather continue to ground and then take additional steps to decrease your EMF exposures.

To stop grounding because there are EMFs around is to remove the biggest source of power and resilience and healing potential right out from under you, cutting you off from the healing flow of your own conductive health.  You don’t want to isolate yourself even further from the earth… what you want to do is support your conductive health AND protect your conductive health. Both, not one or the other.

Your conductive health actually is your biggest asset in healing!  We support our conductive health by grounding.  We protect our conductive health by decreasing EMF exposures and shielding what we can’t decrease. More on that below.


Am I electrosensitive?


If you feel worse when you ground through a standard ground cord, instead of better, you are probably electrosensitive (EHS).

That is because the standard ground cord is allowing a small amount of AC current to directly reach your body and it makes you feel sick. This is the hallmark of being EHS — feeling sick in the presence of unnatural, man made currents and EMF exposures on your body.

If you have felt negative symptoms when grounding through a standard ground cord, I want you to know that you are not crazy — there are legitimate medical reasons you are feeling symptoms — and you are not having a “grounding detox” as some grounding businesses would like you to believe.

I find it sad that thousands (if not millions) of grounding customers that feel ill effects from the AC voltage that runs through a standard ground cord are being told that they are either imagining the symptoms or that if they allow the symptoms to persist, eventually they will get used to it.

I don’t want you to get used to the dizziness, pain, fatigue, headache and irritability that an AC current running through your body is causing on your physical tissues.  The human body is a beautiful, electrically sensitive system, and it is a medical fact that we can pick up on (and have symptoms from) a current that is introduced to the human body.

You are not imagining it and it will not go away, unless you stop the current from running into your body (I have a way to do that, which I discuss below.)  Unfortunately, grounding advocates who say you are magically protected from EMFs when grounding and who don’t believe in (or don’t understand) that electrosensitivity is real, tell you these symptoms are a “grounding detox” and ignore them.

That’s doesn’t work. No one should feel worse while they are healing… healing should feel like a relief and help you feel better and better and better.  So if you have felt negative symptoms when grounding through a standard ground cord, I want you to know that there are legitimate medical reasons you are feeling symptoms and you are not having a detox reaction.

Instead of writing off your symptoms, here are four crucial steps I would take to make grounding in the presence of EMFs even safer:

4 Steps to make Grounding Safer Around EMFs




 1.  Avoid electrical fields while grounding


It’s the electric fields that come into play with grounding and cause the electrosensitive to feel negative symptoms.  Not the RF radiation fields.  Luckily, it’s easier to avoid electrical fields than it is to avoid high frequency radiation like wifi, cell phones, routers, boosters, etc… that are ubiquitous in our living environments.  All you have to do is make sure you are not in an electrical field while grounding,. That just means to make sure you are greater than 2 feet away from any source of electrical field (like appliances, cords, outlets, light fixtures, fans, etc…) and you will make grounding instantly more comfortable.

So if you ground in bed and your bedside lamp is right beside you, you are in an electrical field (even with the lamp off!). If you have an extension cord running under you bed, you are in it’s electrical field.  If you ground at work and you have a power strip right by your feet where your grounding mat is, you are grounding in an electrical field.

If you feel negative symptoms while grounding, I would experiment by grounding in an electrical field free area and see how you feel.  Maybe try turning off your breaker to your bedroom for a night and see if you sleep better.  Or move your grounding mat from your office to your sofa and ground instead while you watch TV or read a book (again, making sure you are a few feet away from any cords, appliances (including the TV,) outlets, walls (since cords run through walls) etc…  Usually simply pulling a chair or your bed a few feet away from a wall will get you into an electrical field free area.

If you want to use a test meter to be sure you find an area with no electrical fields, I have an e-field detection meter for you here. 




2. Switch to a PureGround cord


The next step I would recommend is to use a PureGround cord with all indoor grounding tools. The PureGround cord is the only grounding cord in the world which has a patented filter at the ground pin that filters out AC current and stops dirty electricity from entering the cord… and then protects and shields the purity of the ground connection all the way up the line with an EMF blocking wrap.

The PureGround cord only allows DC energy from the earth goes up the cord and enter your grounding tool.  This enables healing electrons from the earth to flow to body but does not allow EMF or other currents on the ground wires to reach you. Watch this video for details on how the PureGround cord works to protect the electrosensitive:




So again, the first two steps are to just place your ground tool more than 2 feet from any electrical source, and use a PureGround cord (instead of a standard ground cord) to run from your outlet to your grounding tool.

These two steps may be enough to totally revolutionize your grounding experience into a powerfully soothing and healing session.

See how much better you feel, instantly!




3.  Shield from the remaining high frequency radiation


Removing electrical fields from your grounding area and adding a PureGround cord to your grounding tool is most likely enough for you to feel immediate relief from your EHS symptoms while grounding.  But if you want to go further and address the remaining high frequency radiation, that’s where shielding comes in.

You can add a shielding blanket above you and a mattress shield l below you (if you like to get grounded in bed while sleeping) or you can wear a shielding cape like this if you are grounding during the daytime, or simply to protect you even when you are not grounded!

Remember, it’s a good thing to shield from EMFs whether you are grounded or not, just like it is a good thing to get grounded whether you are around EMFs or not.  Shielding works. There was an impressive medical study, published in 2017 in Immunologic Research, that followed 64 patients with autoimmune diseases (such as lupus and multiple sclerosis) while they slept shielded with a silver based sleep cap over their heads, for a total of 8 hours of shielding in a 24 hour period. The results? 90% of the patients reported a significant decrease in their disease symptoms.

Making small, simple changes like that that can dramatically reduce your exposures — for example, if you literally just place your cell phone behind a cell phone shield like this one while it is charging, you decrease over 90% of the radiation from that direction.

Here are some more ideas on shielding for you to consider:



4.  Ask me your specific questions


Do you have a question that wasn’t addressed in today’s article?  Do you want to know more about electrosensitivity, and how to protect your health further?  Do you have a specific question about grounding and your electrosensitive symptoms?

Ask me.

In my upcoming Electrosensitivity Relief Class I personally answer each and every question you could possibly ask:



It starts in just a few weeks, so sign up today to find out how to safeguard your health while still living in the modern world.

In this class I will walk you through exactly how to do it, starting with a self assessment tool that will help you figure out if you are electrohypersensitive (EHS) and following up with a full week to walk you, step by step, through your living spaces to making them safer for you and your entire family.

Plus I give you tons of encouragement and additional tools to boost your health, decrease the reactivity and inflammation in your body from any EMF exposures that you can not decrease, as well as tools to give you the confidence to address EHS with your own in person physician, with free printables you can hand them to get the conversation started.



It absolutely doesn’t have to be overwhelming, I’ll break it down for you into easily actionable steps that will leave you feeling empowered, not scared.

Please share this article with any friends or loved ones that you know that may be electrosensitive, which honestly in my opinion is pretty much everyone. We are all electrically conductive human beings that rely on conductivity for our health. Which means we all are dependent on grounding to the earth to boost our health, and reducing our exposures to manmade EMFs to protect our health.

If you are electrosensitive, than that’s actually awesome, because it simply means you are more aware of (and therefore can be more alerted to and protect yourself better from) these EMF exposures that so many folks are totally oblivious about.

Let’s turn your electrosensitivity into a positive! I’m here to help you do it.


Laura Koniver, MD