Jewelery Reveal #2… reaching for joy!

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You all know I wrote the book Jake, A Guinea Pig Finds Adventure to illustrate for folks, young and old, how reaching for joy can change your life. How sometimes a change in perspective… with a little dash of gratitude thrown in… can make the difference between living life in a sanctuary or a cage.

Well, I just had to carry my favorite illustration out of that book into a piece of jewelery to wear.

Jake, finding triumph as he reaches for joy.

I love that feeling of finding unexpected joy in the little things… the moments where my heart sings… and it’s not because of what I’m doing or where I’m going or what I have or don’t have… it’s because of where I stand.

And appreciating that single moment in time.

Sometimes just taking that one deep breath, standing in *the now* is enough to set my heart pounding. I feel like that is what I have captured in this picture.

And to remind myself of it, I put a little heart shaped key to one side. Because remembering to take that deep breath can be a little tricky at times, don’t you think? It can be, at least for me.

I took my original illustration from the book and sealed it with a waterproof resin onto a large silver pendant… set on the right hand side with a silver key charm, and hung on a 17 inch silver chain… this necklace is sure to make you smile.

It would make a great gift set along with the book, for any special girl in your life. I’m thinking jewelery and a book would be an amazing Valentine gift. I can personalize the book and gift wrap the items together, sending it directly to your recipient with a gift card, if desired!

Both the necklace and the book are available in my Etsy shop… and of course the book alone is also available on Amazon and B&

Speaking of book gift sets, I do have one last wooden puzzle/Jake book gift set left in my shop as well! A great Valentine gift for the little ones in your life who are a bit too young for the necklace.

Come back on Monday for a new Thought on Health post… and have a wonderful weekend! xoxo