Largest Study On Cell Phone Radiation, Here’s What You Need To Know

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The largest ever, to date, live animal study on the effects of cell phone radiation was just released by the National Institutes of Health this past March, and you absolutely must be aware of the results.


In today’s article, I’m going to outline what researchers found in vivo studies, and I’m also going to list for you some actionable things you can do to reduce your exposure.

I’ve also created a printable checklist that you can freely share with all of your loved ones, so that they can easily print out the recommendations and have them in hand as they go through their living environments reducing as much of the EMF exposures as possible.

I’ve made sure the items on the checklist are things that are realistic, actionable, and easy to do.

I’m not going to give up my cell phone (after all, I’m a mother of teens who drive and I want them to have emergency access to call for help no matter where they go, and I also run a business 24/7 and need constant accessibility with my patients and shop.)

So I don’t have things like “go live off the grid” as a realistic way to reduce exposures. It’s awesome if you can do that, but for the rest of us I have a very realistic, actionable 25 point checklist to reduce our risk, immediately.


And if you want to read this entire study in full directly,

here is where you can find it.


The rodents in this study received whole body radiation while in utero, during nursing, and for up to 2 years after weaning.

The rodents were pulsed for 10 minutes of radiation on, 10 minutes off, for 9 hours each day. They used 2G and 3G radiation, the same frequencies and modulations currently in use for texts and voice calls in the United States.


The study findings:

  • Tumors found in rodent’s who were exposed to whole body radio-frequency radiation included: malignant schwannoma of the heart, malignant gliomas of the brain, pituitary adenomas, and adrenal gland pheochromocytomas.
  • It didn’t take long… for example, after only 14 weeks, the researchers found that the right ventricles of the hearts of male rats was already starting to increase abnormally, developing cardiomyopathy.
  • After two years of high exposures to cell phone radiation, exposures were found to affected male rodents more than female rodents: increasing the incidence of malignant schwannoma in the hearts of male rates… while female rats did not have an increased risk of this cancerous tumor. Male rats also had abnormal changes in the prostate gland, liver, pancreas islet cells (the cells responsible for producing insulin) and granular tumors of the brain, and glial cell hyperplasia of the brain. These changes were not seen in female rats.
  • Both male and female rats had abnormal heart growth (in the right side of the heart, called right ventricular cardiomyopathy.)
  • There were changes in body weight (lowered birth weight in babies born with radiation in utero exposure) as well as genetic damage in both male and female rodents.
  • No changes in sperm mobility or count were found in this study
  • There was an interesting side effect of the whole body radiation in that the male rats that were exposed to radiation had a longer life span on average than the non-exposed male rats. Life span did not change for the female rats.


These changes reflect tumors that have already been reported in humans after prolonged cell phone use, most notably the cancerous gliomas of the brain. Other changes, like liver, pancreas, and heart abnormalities as well as DNA damage and low birth weight of infants, suggest that long term it is reasonable to expect that rampant cell phone radiation will give rise to heart disease, diabetes, genetic birth defects, and cancers globally. Because cell phones have been around for longer than 20 years now, we are probably already seeing these effects.

It’s unknown how much of our current global cancer and diabetes and heart disease burdens are a result of cell phone radiation, but these findings are not ones that we want to ignore. Instead, let’s take action to at least decrease exposures when we can’t eliminate them.


What to do?


Most of the people on this planet have a cell phone, and it only took about two decades for this widespread exposure to happen. There are approximately 6.8 billion cell phones for the 7 billion people on this planet.

But radiation doesn’t stop with cell phones either.

WiFi, routers, tablets, smart phones, cordless phones, bluetooth… even very low electrical frequencies and magnetic fields emitted from electrical wiring, fluorescent lamps, and other electronic devices effect our health.

And on top of that, there is a wide variation (as with every other health condition) about the threshold for feeling the effects of these exposure in human beings.

There are certainly individuals who are EMF hypersensitive and are more dramatically impacted by EMF exposures than others.

But there absolutely are things you can do, things that literally will protect your health.

While you can’t control circumstances outside of your home, you absolutely can make sure that what you live with in your own home, during down time, sleep through during your nighttime hours, and live with on your days off are healthy and restorative.

To me, health is all about being resilient and making sure your body has time to recover between stressors.

I don’t feel that you need to eradicate all toxins and stressors from your life in order to be healthy, because I know that the human body is an incredibly resilient force of nature and that we naturally go back to vibrant health when we allow our bodies to bounce back by giving the body time to heal between insults.

Basically, if we can give our body some down time to recover, it is an incredibly resilient thing. The basis of life is a natural ability to repair and recover and a natural adaptability as well. But the body needs time and space, away from constant toxic onslaught, to do so.

So in much the same way that I feel okay with drinking an occasional soda and having candy when I go out to see a movie a few times a year, but I don’t bring the soda home in my house and drink it every day… same with the radiation exposures.

We are going to get them if we do anything outside in any urban setting… but at home, we can make sure our bodies have time and space to hit the reset button.

Part of creating this healing oasis for your body in between exposures and stressors is to decrease radiation in the home as much as possible, and the other part is to ground the body to expedite healing and boost resiliency.

As the 2016 EUROPAEM EMF exposure guidelines state:

“Anything that supports homeostasis will increase a person’s resilience against disease and thus against the adverse effects of EMF exposure.”

To that I say AMEN.

And I would add that there is no better way to support homeostasis than to get grounded and stay grounded as much as possible throughout your day and your night.


In my home, we all sleep grounded all night long.

In addition to that, my sweet husband has dramatically reduced our EMF exposures just by several easy steps that you can absolutely do as well.

First thing he did was toss my corded phone into the garbage. Yep, I said corded phone — turns out even though there was a cord on my phone it still had a wireless antenna that was emitting alarmingly high levels of radiation throughout my entire home. Removing that one thing alone made an immediate difference.


Any phone that looks like this might as well be a super powered jacked up cell phone that is on, pulsing radiation throughout your entire home, day and night. It’s worse than a cell phone because it doesn’t even have an airplane mode you can stick it on. Get rid of it.


Here are other 27 things you can do to protect yourself in your home environment:

  • Use your cell phone on speaker phone always — never ever hold the phone up to your ear to talk on it. If you can’t speak out loud on speaker phone, let the call go to voicemail and return the call when you are able to put the call on speaker phone. I am pretty militant about this one.
  • Avoid carrying your cell phone in your pockets or (as I see women do all the time and it makes me so sad) putting it in your bra. Remember — heart hypertrophy happened in those rats after only 14 weeks!!!! Do not put that cell phone anywhere near your head, heart, chest, abdomen, or gonads!!! Women — putting your phone in your purse is infinitely better than in your bra strap when you need your hands free. Men, get a cell phone cover that blocks radiation if you are going to put that in your pockets, but better yet, slip it into your book bag, briefcase, or day pack.
  • If you must put your cell phone in your pocket or slip it into your bra (or, as I use it, on an armband when I am going for a run) then put it on airplane mode first! Or slip it into the world’s best cell phone pouch to decrease the radiation that comes out on the side held against your body while still allowing calls and messages to come through on the other side.
  • Use airplane mode liberally — any time you are not actively using your phone, it should go on airplane mode, and at night absolutely — airplane mode or turned all the way off as it charges.
  • Unplug the power supply to all cordless phone base stations. Use traditionally corded phones that do not have the DECT style base.
  • Decrease the strength of your router by covering it with shielding material around the clock (my husband shielded our router and I did not notice any change in the connection strength or internet speed, so the router we had before being covered was total overkill.) It’s so easy to slip a router cover on one time and forget about it forever, this one is a no brainer! If you want, in addition you can unplug your router altogether at night.
  • Absolutely without question make sure your router is installed in an area of the home that is as far away from all bedrooms as possible. If this is not possible, unplug it completely at night when the bedroom is being used!
  • If possible, use hardwired Ethernet connections over wireless internet connections
  • If you use a laptop on your lap when sitting at an airport or train station while you travel, or put it on your lap in bed or on the sofa, you absolutely must have a shielding blanket over your lap to protect your organs (especially the reproductive organs!!!) Your heart, liver, adrenals, pancreas and more sit right inside your abdomen, and are getting mega doses of radiation as you type away on your computer. Putting a shielding blanket over your lap first protects you and gives you peace of mind. I feel naked now if I use my laptop without my shielding blanket!
  • Or, if you stand all day long around computers (or microwaves!) keeping a shielding apron at your work space to throw on over your outfit each day is a must. For pregnancy, I would recommend wearing this 24/7. If not pregnant or ever planning to become pregnant, I would still recommend this if you stand nears sources of radiation like in front of a computer or microwave at work (it won’t fall off like a shielding blanket would when you stand up) and it will protect your heart and other internal organs… and because I use the highest quality blocking material made out of stainless steel, this apron is ground able too!!! Click over here to see!
  • Decrease the quantity of other radiation exposures in your home — like home entertainment systems, headsets, baby monitors, computers printers, home surveillance systems, etc… Examine the absolute necessity of each. For example, I find it infinitely preferable to cosleep with a baby — I never ever used a baby monitor with my children ever. If the child is not old enough to get up and come in your room if they need you, you are better off cosleeping as a family until older (I feel so passionately about this one that I wrote and illustrated a picture book about cosleeping called Together We Sleep — did you know that? I published it long before there was even any heightened concern about EMFs from monitors!)
  • If possible, keep gaming and entertainments systems in the main living space instead of a bedroom.
  • If possible, only install home surveillance systems outside of the home, or if you have a multi-level home, keep home monitoring to the first floor and not near any bedrooms.
  • Stick with incandescent light bulbs instead of fluorescent or LED lighting.
  • If at all possible, move your main seating and sleeping spots away from wiring in the walls. Positioning your sofa in the middle of the room instead of against a wall, for example. Seating is usually easy to do this way — putting your kitchen table and chairs in the middle of your eating space instead of in the corner — but the bed can be a little harder to have floating in the middle of the room.
  • If possible, use a headboard to create a little distance between the wall and your pillow. Two feet is ideal, but any space put between the wall and your body is helpful. If this is not possible, you can paint your wall with shielding paint.
  • Do not use an electric blanket or electric bed.
  • Use shielding bedding if at all possible — it’s super expensive I know this first hand because it’s been very hard to create a high quality, hand sewn grounding mattress panel at an accessible price point. My mattress panels use shielding materials and they ground you at the same time.
  • Reduce total body toxic burden by eating less processed and artificial foods, and more antioxidant rich natural healthy foods. Reducing environmental toxins like artificial fragrances and toxic household cleaners and toxic body, beauty and oral care products also goes a long way to reducing the total burden you put on your body each day. And absolute STOP using those fake toxic chemicals on your lawn as well!!!
  • Wash your hands before eating anything to remove all the chemicals we pick up as we go about our day so you don’t get traces of them into your mouth with each meal.
  • Supplement with antioxidants that can help alleviate free radicals and oxidative damage. N-aceytl cysteine (NAC), glutathione, Vit C, Vit D, CoQ10, Apha-lipoic acid (ALA), Curcumin, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Resveratrol, even melatonin are all powerful antioxidants and help slow or even reverse the aging process. The very best, highest quality supplements in the world are all waiting for you (at a discount!) in my trusty online dispensary here.
  • Drink filtered water in large quantities daily
  • Get plenty of natural sunlight daily
  • Sauna for detox as well as a spring and fall detox plan.
  • Exercise daily to help deliver much needed fresh oxygen and nutrients to all organ systems as well as aid in the removal of toxins and waste by-products. Exercise absolutely boosts your body’s health and resiliency!!!
  • Decrease your exposure to blue light — from laptops, screens, CFL lamps, and protect your eye’s macula as well as your own circadian rhythm by decreasing blue light exposures in the evening and taking antioxidants as well as melatonin nightly (also available in my online dispensary.) Blue screen filters can be used if screen time in the evenings is mandatory… blue light filtering glasses are super easy to keep by your bedside for late night TV watching.
  • Ground your body. Sleep grounded all night long if at all possible. Grounding is hands down the best way to give your body a break from the constant toxic onslaughts we face day in and day out when we travel around our world.
  • Ground using the world’s only, patent-pending EMF filtering and shielding ground cord, the PureGround ground cord, only available here.




For more ideas, watch the video below for my take on why grounding, in the face of relentless EMF exposures, is not only a good idea… I feel it’s mandatory if you want to have sustained health:



And watch this video (on a study that was released after I made that first video) which further echoes exactly what I said before.

In the study I talk about below, premature infants in the NICU (who were literally bathed in intents EMFS from their incubators and medical electrical equipment around the clock) immediately did better the very second they became grounded. Let me tell you more:





For all my very favorite resources on the highest quality shielding and grounding materials on the planet, head over to my Grounding Boutique where I have grounding mattress panels, router shields, cell phone covers, the PureGround filtering and shielding ground cord, and much much more waiting to help heal and protect your precious body.



xoxoxox, Laura

PS — here is my free printable for you — very do-able, 25 realistic steps:


Free Printable EMF Reduction Checklist