Lobster. Easiest food I’ve ever grilled.

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Now that you’ve made some free eco-friendly fire starters… what should you cook over that summertime fire pit? I have a great tutorial for you today… I use my grill but if you just cook these over a fire pit, I have no doubt they are amazing. I’ll try that next and let you know how it goes.

Easiest in the world way to prepare lobster, no steaming up your kitchen this summer… it’s grilled lobster! Ready? You won’t even need to print this out, it’s so easy. Just place on grill and cook about 8 minutes. Simple. But if you like to look at some pics to cement just how easy this is, here you go:


Grilled Lobster



1. Take a lemon, and roll it around a bit… pressing down, squishing some of the internal structure of the lemon to allow it to be easy to squeeze and drizzle on top of your lobster as you eat. I’m drooling already.



2. Melt some butter over low heat on your stovetop. If you like, mince up some fresh garlic and add it to the butter. Once melted, turn off the stove and let the garlic flavor the butter. This is for dipping… feel free to omit the garlic and just use butter if you prefer!



3. Take clean kitchen shears, and cut just under the shell of the back of the lobster tail (the top part, the side that doesn’t have the feet.) The shell cuts easily, just go ahead and cut all the way down on this one side.



4. Push a wooden or metal skewer through the meat of the lobster tail, all the way down and out through the end. This skewer keeps the lobster tail from curling as it cooks, and makes flipping the tail easier during grilling. OR… use the skewer to cook the lobster over your firepit!



5. Grill over medium heat. You want to get the meat cooked (once the meat is opaque white all the way through, it’s done!) but without over cooking and drying it out. Honestly, I’ve found that lobster is delicious no matter what you do to it. I’m sure I’ve overcooked it slightly, but after dipping it in butter… dang if I notice!
I’d guesstimate that you cook the tail 5 minutes on one side (closing the grill top during cooking,) then flipping it over for another 3 – 5 minutes. As I cooked the second side, I threw some hotdogs on the grill for the kids.

This is what makes it so easy to have at a bonfire too… adults sitting around with a lobster tail on a skewer, and kids with a hotdog… what could be simpler? This makes my husband and I feel special, like we are pampering ourselves and having a “date” without even leaving home 🙂



6. Serve with the melted garlic butter and a half of the smooshed lemon. Enjoy it!!!! Happy weekend… xoxo