My Baby

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This huge guy, running at me across the living room, is my little baby. Turning 7. Waaaaahhhhhh! In one weekend, he turns from a young child (6) to an older kid (7)… or at least that is how it feels to me.

Oh my goodness, to top it off, he lost his second tooth as well.

I love you forever and ever Miles. No matter how big your feet get. Even though we wear the same size shoe (what the heck?!?! You are 7 years old!?!? How come I have to order us both the same sized Crocs?). And even though I could put your hoodie on and wear it. You are still my tiny snuggable sweet little baby boy looking up at me with beautiful green eyes and kissable little lips. I completely adore you.

Being your Mommy fulfills my ultimate heartsong. Happy 7th Birthday! xoxo