My daughter, the artist

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I’ve known for quite a long time that my daughter is extremely skilled at drawing. She could draw animals and people with details like facial features and horns and beaks and tails when she was just one and a half years old.

I had an acquaintance tell me right to my face that this was impossible at age one, the brain couldn’t handle it. My daughter’s brain can. Simple as that.

She is really amazing at art. At 8 years old, she is by several decades the youngest person in a clay class we take together. Her stuff is always (in my eyes, of course) the best in the class. I show you Exhibit A, this amazing pitcher that she painted, using nothing but paint, string, and more paint:

I tell you, I could sell this on my Etsy shop for hundreds of dollars! But it would take millions to get me to actually agree to the sale…. and even then… I’m not sure I could actually send it off. No, I know I couldn’t. I love this pitcher so damn much. How unique is she!

This is the one of the many blessings of free learning, unschooling with kids. They are unlimited in their creativity. A wonderful unschooling friend of mine shared this quote: “A child in school studies art so that one day they can be an artist. An unschooled child says, “I am an artist,” and so they create.” Simple as that.

So take that, acquaintance who doesn’t think a 1 year old can draw details… In. Your. Face. My daughter can and did! And continues to amaze… xoxo