My Favorite Thing… about Fall

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By far my favorite thing about fall is getting outside more.

I do love the summertime and it’s heat driving us to seek out water… the ocean more times then not, pools and sprinklers are wonderful too… but there is something magical about the cooler temps and the golden leaves that seem to draw us out into our front yard more and more.

I love to literally just lay on the grass for an hour, watching the kids mill around with the hose, or chalk on our sidewalk, or… like today… play Frisbee (and yes, as usual… in pajamas).

Seems we just want to soak all this in before the weather turns cold and we run for shelter again. It’s these precious rare days (in between the buggy-mosquito-infested-hot-as-hell summer air and the way-too-cold-for-me-I-hate-this-I-want-warmth-that’s-why-I-moved-to-the-South-in-the-first-place air of winter) that we are loving right now.

I hope you all have a great weekend, and we’ll meet you back here on Monday for another FAQ and for a very shallow, completely vain hair update on Wednesday. Remember my hair dilemma? I did something about it, and I’ve got pics for you!!! xoxo