My Favorite Thing… In the Bedroom

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Blues and greens and browns… soothing to me. And if you recognize those curtains, yes… they used to be in my dining room!

This week’s My Favorite Thing is the bedroom… and I’m just warnin’ ya, there are going to be a LOT of pictures!

What I love most is that clump of pictures hanging right on the wall…

Here is my bedroom… although I don’t get to see it like this much. Picture the bed messed up, the pull out love seat opened up into a sofa bed, tons of Legos everywhere, and lint and dog hair making an alternative *carpet* on the floor.

I found it challenging to photograph artwork behind a glass without getting too much reflection in it… but this one is worth squinting past the reflection to see. I mean, come on… squirrels that are praying, saying “love is with you” — really, can the world get any better then that? I especially love how the last squirrel sneaks in “love you” at the end. Courtesy of my daughter Clara, at age 4

The thing I love about this room doesn’t change, no matter how dirty this room gets. The thing I love is hanging right above the bed. And the artwork was free… the best kind… yes, I know if you’ve been following my blog at all you instantly knew what I have framed… my kid’s artwork. I’m pretty much obsessed with what they write and draw and doodle. I’ve blogged about that here and here before. But I mean, look at this stuff!

Oh yes, the world can get better… here she draws, in charcoal, one person sending love to another in the distance. Just beautiful.

Did you all know that there is a cool program on that transforms your blog into a book? And since I don’t scrapbook at all, or even print out pictures for a photo album, this blog is my little record of our life. Like most blogs, it’s rewarding because it is a personal journal… and I plan on ordering a personal book of my blog each year to get me off the hook for the fact that I suck at maintaining a baby book or scrapbook of any kind.

“Just do what your soul says.

Just listen to your heart song.

Just do what your soul says.

Just listen to your heart song.

Just do it, just do it, just do it, just do it.

Just do what your soul says.”

-my son Miles, sung out loud at age 4

(have you ever heard such good advice in all your life?!?!)

SO! I admit the ulterior motive for this post today is to document some of the amazing things I have hanging on the wall in my bedroom… all from my kids. Because I know the colors will fade, the paper get brittle… but damn I love these things!

My daughter drew this one… our family, with all of our many many pets!

These drawings and quotes are about 3 years old now… my kids were 4 and 6 when I framed these all up… now they are almost 7 and 9… and each year I think I should frame some of their more recent stuff.

My son drew Wolverine… can you see his steel claws?

I mean, they create new gems all the time, each one just as precious to me as the last.

“Focusing on something is like voting for it. You are voting it in to your life.”

– my daughter Clara, 6 years old, the sage

But I take one look at these, made with fingers that were plumper then they are now, tinier fingernails and smaller hands… each year those fingernails that I clip get bigger, and bigger… when I hold their hands, their fingers are almost impossible to tell from mine at this point…

Miles drew our puggle Brownie, under a tree, by a lake.

… and I think, no WAY can I take these off the wall now!

Clara drew a mama bird protecting her chicks from the rain… and I love how it represents my life… the love I have for my own baby birds and what a privilege it is to stand by their side, in the rain. She captured motherhood so perfectly here.

So folks, that’s it for my bedroom… I love how (compared with the other rooms in my home) it is so sparse and uncluttered. Love that I don’t even have a clock in it. Love lots of things… but nothing as much as the art on the walls.

Come back on Monday for a new Thought on Health! Have a great weekend! xoxo

I saved the funniest one for last… dang I love this… Clara drew us, if we worked for a circus.

Clara’s on the trapeze, Miles is walking on his hands, Daddy is jumping on a trampoline… and I’m balancing on a ball spinning plates in each hand! How does she come up with this stuff? Love it!