My secret to wiping out pit stink FOREVER!!! Even in the hottest weather!!!!

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Never thought I’d be blogging about my armpit, so I had no idea what picture to put with this post… but luckily my hubby accidentally shot a random outtake picture of my pit/shoulder area when he was taking necklace pictures for me. So here we go…

Armpit funk. I’ve had it all my life.

Not super bad, mind you… just a little stickiness when I wake up in the morning, or afternoon funk from the southern heat of the SC lowcountry.

I’ve tried lots of natural deodorants (I refuse to use antiperspirants) and enjoy them… but find they don’t it 100%. Not even when I make my own, which is fun and easy to do.

But I FINALLY found something that has totally, and I mean COMPLETELY taken away any and all forms of pit body odor!!!!
Are you ready for this life changing realization? 
It’s something you can do too!

No need to ever buy a deodorant again! No need to ever think twice about switching back to the toxic antiperspirant for those special occasions when you simply can’t stink!!!! It’s over!

Okay, it involves a slight amount of pain… but I’ve never felt more happy with how I smell!



All you’ve got to do is take a deep breath… and wax your armpits!

I was absolutely astounded at how removing hair at the roots completely took away any last trace of pit smell. And now I finally know how all those models have such smooth and completely hairless armpits.

I know some of you are rolling your eyes, having caught onto this long long ago.

But why didn’t you tell me earlier?

This has made such a difference in my day… no more secret pit sniffs. No more wondering when I wake up if I should put another layer of deodorant on before I get dressed.


It’s just simply gone!

I have waxed for several months now and I can say for sure the only painful waxing was the first one… the first one did hurt but I was still able to do it completely on my own and in a very inexpensive and eco-friendly way.

If I can do it, so can you.
After the first time, the second and third and fourth have progressively less hair to pull at once (which equals less pain!) and the re-growth isn’t nearly as visible either, so growing it out isn’t as unsightly. The whole process is essentially painless and easy once you get past that initial session.



I used a waxing kit by Moom… which is simply an organic sugar solution.

The fabric strips you use to pull off the wax/hair are all reusable — and it’s so easy.

  • Because it is a sugar solution it is water based (and so natural you could eat it!) all you do is rinse off the fabric strips in the sink afterwards (I let them soak for a few minutes while I rinse off in the shower) and then line ‘em up on the sink edge to dry.
  • Nothing to throw away, the sugar washes down the drain and the fabric strips are used and re-used indefinitely. I’ve used the same strips for months and they are as good as new… seriously.
  • The sugar solution comes in a glass jar that you can re-use or recycle, so I really feel good about Moom and much better about it then I did using a disposable razor or even an electric razor. Add to that the amazing stench reducing powers of waxing and also how beautiful… YES BEAUTIFUL!… my pit skin looks stubble free, and I’ll never go back.

Who knew how much a difference there would be between shaving and waxing (must be some serious odor causing bacteria thriving in the stubble and hair just under the skin.)

Pass it on, I sure wish I had known this earlier!
xoxo, Laura